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Hello everyone, and welcome to my World!
This is where I will post just about anything that comes to mind that I want to share with you, so it's going to be pretty random! ^_^

Run for your life...

Hey guys,
It's funny how irrational I can be...When I was a kid and I had to go to bed I would turn off the light at the bottom of the stairs and run for my life. I think I managed to master the art of running up the stairs on all fours. XD
Although I say I did this when I was a kid I still do this sometimes...and I'm 18. =_= Lol, it's usually because my sister scares me into thinking Slenderman is behind me or something... that's what big sisters are for I guess.
External Image
Anybody else still do this? XD

I really want to try this!!

Hey guys!
It's been a long time indeed! ;) Anyway, I was thinking about how I should be more active and all, when I came across this sport.
External Image
I have no idea what it's called, but I really want to try it! XD Though I don't know how you're supposed to get up after you've been knocked over, lol.
I just thought i'd share!

uh, technical help?

Hey guys,
I know it has been ages since I posted on here, but I really want to be more active on my world.
So here's my problem, I wanted to share a really funny gif picture with you guys, but when I try to publish it says the picture must be in .jpg format. However, I often see gifs on other peoples worlds. How do I load gifs to my world?
Thanks in advance. :D

Secret Santa Wishlist

Hey everybody,
Wow, it's been ages since I have posted anything on here, university has been keeping me very busy indeed (especially physics...bleh).
Anyways, since I know I will have finished my first term courses by Christmas break, I know I will have time to participate in the wallpaper secret santa that's being coordinated by Itachisasuke (my big sis <3).
I know my wallpapers are not that great, but I will still try my best to make something really good for the person I end up getting. >.<
Anyways, my wish-list for the Christmas of 2012 is:

-D.Gray man (Kanda, Lavi, and/or Allen)
-Black Butler (Sebastian, Ciel)
-Blue Exorcist (Rin, Yukio)
-BBC's Sherlock (It's not an anime/manga) (Sherlock, John)
-Something original is also cool :D

Something Christmas-y would be nice (like snow!!!! :D), and like my sister, my favourite colour is blue.
I hope whoever gets me for secret santa has fun making a wallie! :3

I don't get it...=_=

So I just finished watching all 25 episodes of Blue Exorcist, and I gotta say, it had a pretty abrubt ending. :( I thought it could have gone on a lot longer with out seeming too long. And I still don't get why it ended the way it did >.<( with the random demon-truck thing attacking them), can someone please explain? Sigh, just when I started to really like the series it ended. T^T.
Is the manga different from the anime?
Whenever I like a series it ends too soon, and whenever I think a series is so-so it goes on forever! (Man I have really bad luck) Is the world of anime plotting against my happiness?! TEARS >.<;
Oh well, there's still the manga ;D

Oh, and I also wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving (If you live in Canada, that is.) I also have to add that I am very thanksful for all of the friends that I have on TheO and for the gift we have for art, without it, we wouldn't be able to post our art on here. :3 So have a great Thanksgiving everyone and remember to eat lots of yummy turkey! :D