I'm getting braces!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in like 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And i just found out today!!!! So today i went to my orthodontist for a check-up to see if i needed braces(i only found out i was going last night;thanks, mom.) So i was in that weird soft swively dentist chair thingy, all relaxed, when this happened:

O(orthodontist): well Kaly, now i'm just going to have a look at your teeth. open wide!
K(Kaly): ok *opens mouth*
O: hmmm... *pokes a lot of sharp metal objects in my mouth*
K: nrghrh (can't talk because of strange metal objects)
O: looks okay... oh! theres something here...
K: nrghrh?!
O: all right! *finishes* Now kaly, some of your teeth are a bit crooked. this is probably caused by...
K: (this is the part where i zone out as he goes on and on about my teeth for roughly 10 min.)
O: ...and that's why i think you'll need braces!
K: WHAT??!!
(then i had to listen while he went on and on about what i'll need to do when i get braces and all that for another 30 minutes.)

I can't believe it!!!!!!! i mean, BRACES!!!! i get freaked out when i have a loose tooth!! Also, there are lots of things you can't eat with braces, such as:

  • popcorn (only one of my favorite foods EVER!! i mean, what am going to do when i go to the movies?)
  • Doritos (another one of my favorite junk foods)
  • Chicken wings (i love these so much)
  • apples (at least, not whole ones)
  • any chewy candy (Sweedish Fish! Gummy Bears! Caramel! all gone!!)
  • gum

And much, much more! plus, i'm not allowed to drink alot of sugary drinks. Usually, this would be fine, considering that i don't like soda. But what, i ask you, am i going to do about apple juice? and lemonade? i drink them only about every day! *sigh* this isn't going to be easy.... i better drink a ton now, before my favorite foods are taken away from me.