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Recent Fushigi Yuugi Releases and Updates

To start off this world I thought I would mention what has been going on in the world of Fushigi Yuugi the past couple of months.

As many of you might already know Watase Yuu's Fushigi Yuugi Perfect World is released every 3 months. The last issue, volume 12, was released on December 26, 2007 in Japan, and this issue brought us Genbu Kaiden chapters 28 & 29, a reprint of Fushigi Yuugi chapters 61-65, and some very exciting information. In May 2008 there will be a Japan release of a Fushigi Yuugi game! And yes, I know, we already have Genbu Kaiden game for the PSP and PS2, but this is one based on the original series! It's about time, no? Here is some of the information I translated from the publication (I did this for someone on Yahoo!Answers awhile ago, and so instead of retyping, I'm just copying and pasting, with a few edits):

Fushigi Yuugi: Suzaku Ibun
Release: May 2008
Platform: PS2
Maker: Idea Factory (Like the Genbu Kaiden game)
Genre: Ren'ai/adventure
Price: Regular edition - 7140 円 (including tax) (about $68 USD)
Limited edition - 9240 円 (including tax) (about $88 USD)

Anyway it seems there are two new girls introduced to the story. The one with the short hair that is pictured on the website is Ootori Madoka, the protagonist, and the other, a girl with longer hair, is Himuro Misaki, a close friend of Madoka. They're 3rd year Junior High students. As Madoka you are holding off taking your exams and end up opening the Shi Jin Ten Chi Sho, which leads to becoming the Suzaku no Miko. Misaki becomes Seiryuu no Miko.

Here is the official website of the game:Fushigi Yuugi: Suzaku Ibun

The next issue of Watase Yuu's Fushigi Yuugi Perfect World will be released on March 26, 2008. This issue will be bringing us Genbu Kaiden chapters 28 & 29, and reprints of Fushigi Yuugi chapters 66-70.

On the same day, the 8th tankouban will also be released in Japan.

The 6th volume was released in the US on February 5, 2008 by VIZ media. There is currently no release date for the English language volume 7, but because of the slow release of chapters in Japan, it will probably be awhile before they do release it here.