Genbu Kaiden 10 and Butai Fushigi Yuugi

Sorry for there being no updates for so long! I haven't been on in months!

I checked Shogakukan's website earlier this morning and saw that Genbu Kaiden volume 10 will be released in Japan on June 24, 2011!

Also, under the "DVD" section of amiPro's website (the people behind the Fushigi Yuugi stage play), there is a mention of the play, but no release date (the date listed was one of the dates of the play itself).

Speaking of the stage play, the OST was released about a month ago! You can find it on YESASIA. They have both Type A and Type B. The only difference is that Type A has Miaka and Yui on the cover and Type B has Tamahome (I bought Type A). There are only four songs, two vocals and the instrumentals of those two songs. The featured songs are:

  • もし君が願うなら (Moshi Kimi ga Negau Nara / If You Wish) sung by Hashimoto Aina and Akiyama Yurika (Miaka and Yui)
  • 今日の雨は君の涙 (Kyou no Ame wa Kimi no Namida / Today's Rain is Your Tears) sung by Hirano Ryou (Tamahome)

You can view videos here: