"Future Girl" is the title I gave to a Dragonball Z fanfic that I worked on when I was in highschool. It focuses on Bura, Vegeta and Bulma's daughter, as she grows up on the planet Earth which is, in her time, the new planet of the Saiyans. Through her years, she encounters many of the villains that appeared in Dragonball Z, and she is taught to fight by saiyans, some more familiar than most.

Bura grows up discriminated against because she has her mother's eyes and hair, I've yet to see a full blood saiyan with her hair color and she has the ability to control herself when she's transformed in her giant ape form, oozaru

Anyway, this gets the attention of the new king of the Saiyans, Kumat a descendant of Brolly, and he decides he's going to take Bura for himself, ignoring the fact that she would rather be with a childhood friend/sparring partner Drake. Certain events convince Bura that she'd rather die than be taken by Kumat and she plans to travel to the past to deliver an item to a specific era Trunks before she engages a battle in which she intends to lose.

However, she unintentionally travels to the wrong era, post Cell games, where she first encounters the warriors of Earth and her parents.

Time travel is an ability that is used frequently in "Future Girl", mostly to take in-training saiyans to defeat past enemies such as The Ginyu Force, Frieza, The Androids and even Cell. This in turn lets past saiyans like Raditz, Bardock (and his team), Nappa ect. exsist in "Future Girl" and they regularly interact with each other.

The art work in my portfolio with the initials "F.G" at the begining are inspired by scenes from Future Girl.

The use of this world is primarily to get my ideas out so I can eventually atempt to create a comic out of it. Until then, things will most likely jump around a bit.

Songs of Inspiration:
Katie Gray "Set Free"
Daft Punk "Harder,Better,Faster,Stronger"
Nickleback "Savin' Me"
My Chemical Romance "The Ghost of You"
Electrasy "Cosmic Castaway"
Filter "Welcome to the Fold"
The Fray "Fall Away"
John Reznik "I'm Still Here"
KMFDM "Ultra"
Linkin Park "Somewhere I Belong"
Linkin Park "What I've Done"
Linkin Park "Breaking the Habit"
Michael Jackson "Scream"
Muse "Stockholm Syndrome"
Nine Inch Nails "The Perfect Drug"
Nivea "Don't Mess with My Man"
Saliva "Ladies and Gentlemen"
Slipknot "My Plague"
Stabbing Westward "What Do I Have To Do?"
Smashing Pumpkins "Doomsday Clock"
X-Ecutioners "It's Going Down"

Guest Poster:
toyotami kun

Soundtrack Cover

This was an assignment for my adobe illustrator class a year ago. We had to make a cd cover for something, so I picked my Future Girl fanfiction. I drew the image myself with the program and I found a destroyed city picture on yahoo, so that's not mine. But I'm really happy with how it turned out

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