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Lollipop Chainsaw ~~ Basic review

On the day of her 18th birthday, Cheerleader Juliet Starling plans to introduce her boyfriend, Nick Carlyle. However, on her way to meet him she discovers that the town has come under attack from zombies. When she finds Nick, they are attacked by a zombie and Nick is bitten. A devestaed Juliet forms a plan to save her beloved boyfriend, which involves beheading him.
When Nick comes too, he is just a head. If that wasn't shocking enough, Juliet then reveals that she comes from a family of zombie hunters. Before the startled Nick can ask anymore, he and Juliet set off to discover who could have caused this Zombie mess, and sort it out so Juliet can enjoy her birthday.

Game Infomation
Lollipop Chainsaw is a Hack and Slash type of game. Much similer to No More Heros, you use Juliet's Chainsaw and combat skills to dish out combos to the hordes of zombies. Of course, thats all you really need to do, but with the flashy moves, you don't really notice the hacky slashy-ness.

My thoughts
Now, I know what y'all are thinking, "A cheerleader in a skimpy outfit? Fighting zombies with a chainsaw? Pervy fan service!!"
Well, in a way you're kinda right. Juliet is a cheerleader in a skimpy outfit fighting zombies with a chainsaw. But the game more than jiggling and short skirts. Juliet's cheery and positive outlook on the whole situation is contrasted by Nick's realist and cynical view, e.g.

Juliet: "I hate it when everyone turns into zombies, but It means that I get to do fun stuff like jump on a firetruck!
Nick: Yeah, It almost makes me forget that all my friends are dead!"

Also, the game makes lots of references, to things like Mario, Facebook and many more! It has a pretty neat music selection, which allows you to pick a sound track set to play while doing levels.

Lollipop Chainsaw isn't a detailed, emotional RPG, but It is the perfect game if you wanna have fun, kill a couple of hundread zombies and look hot doing it.

Tales of Graces - Basic intro/review

Hello everyone! I had rejoined theO not that long ago, but I did so around the time just before my Standard Grade Exams, which was a seriously bad time...
But now I hope to stay, and to start off my new adventure, I plan to do basic reviews of some Video Games, and I'll start with one of my recent favourites!

Tales of Graces F

Set on the plant of Efinea, the game follows the story of young Asbel Lhant, his younger brother Hubert, friends Cheria and Prince Richard and the mysterious Sophie, who they found asleep in the Lhant meadow with no memories of her past.
When Richard, the prince of Windor, comes to stay in Asbel's home town of Lhant, he ignores his father's orders to stay away from him, and sets out to befriend the young prince. The two boys become close friends and together with Sophie, they make a friendship pact, promising to be friends forever.
However, not soon after tragedy srikes the group, changing the future of Asbel and his friends.
Skip forward seven years and Asbel has become a fine young man, who is close to becoming a knight in service of the king of Windor. All of that changes when he recives a letter from his mother detailing the passing of his father in a battle against neighbouring nation Fendal. Asbel goes back to Lhant and there, his life takes another unexpected turn, sending on a quest not only to save his friends, but the world. Having to deal with changes in those closest to him, will Asbel be to protect the people he loves?

Game play Info
The only Tales games I had played before this one were Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Symphonia 2. I held Symphonia in the highest regard, but now I think Graces is going to quickly usurp it!
First of all, the characters are loveable! I've laughed so much at this game already, mainly due to the after battle skits (which are wonderful!).
Next, the battle system. At first, it confused my and I didn't like it. However, I think I only found it hard because we were playing the children ark, because when I switched from child Richard to adult Richard, the battling was simple! All characters start off with attacks called "A Artes" which are ativated by just your attack button (X) and directions from the control stick. Later the characters will get "B Artes" which are spells and special attacks, applied to the O button and a direction (just like Symphonia).
One of the things that got me was the item amount. You can only carry 15 of each item, but his can be increased with DLC.
Also, you level up titles. When a character gets a title, you equip it and it will have skills (such as a new arte, DEF up, ACC up, etc.) that you get when you level up the title. Each title has 5 levels, but if you keep it on past it's final level for long enough you will master the title, giving your skills an extra boost.
Also, there is NO TP! You have a bar which fills up in battle called CC (Chain Capacity) which allows you to use your A and B artes. (this is my favourite feature, in Symphoina I played Genis and I was always complaining about running out of TP! XD)
My thoughts
OOOH, I bloody love this game! We have played it everyday since we got it! The game graphics, the characters, the skits, the battle system...I love it all!
Also, the DLC has given us some pretty neat stuff!
The characters I main are Prince Richard and Malik (who I both love! Malik is awesome! x3)
Also, this game has made me start shipping Asbel x Richard! I can't help myself!

Over all, I highly recommend this game to anyone, be they Tales fans or not, this game is a MUST PLAY!

Game Opening:

"I sorry if this lacks infomation or is hard to read. I'm tired and the laptops been actiing up, So sorry!"

Ah! <3

I want! I want! I want! I want! I want! I want! I want! I want! I want! I want!

You can get a better look at it here! =D

Eternal Sonata english trailer

I really like this game! But right now, we're havin' to level grind to do the stupid dungon! But all in all it's a really sweet game!

Oh, yeah? u see the blonde guy with the black crown-hat? he has pretty eyes....:3

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