Hi, I'm geekiechick but you can call me geekie. I live in New York, and I love anime, cute things, cute guys, manga, and the whole universe (except for the stuff in it I don't like)! This world will be about my life as a geekie (not geekY) otaku chick. I'm here to have a little fun and enjoy myself before
I have to grow up, so if anyone else wants to join me, you've come to the right place. Leave some comments if you like and I'll drop in once in a while and let you know what I'm up to.

Hasta la pasta!

We Just Hit 4,000 Views!!!!

Oh my gosh! I can't believe it. Guys, Geekie's Own Little World just hit 4,000 views!

I want to thank all of you. So much. I know 4,000 might not seem like much, it's the Internet after all, but you gotta understand, it's the whole world to me. I didn't expect a hundred people to look at my stuff, let alone this many. Thank you so much. Not just the folks that were here from the start, I want to thank every single person that decided to stick around. You dont know how happy you've made me. That so many people cared to see what a fifteen year old had to say.

I'm going to hug the shit out of you.

How Can People Who Are So Smart Be So Dumb?

Teachers are valuable members of society who take on the arduous task of educating our youth. They patiently explain the basics of life to them despite evidence that they are underpaid and under-appreciated. They are truly angels on earth.

That being said, they can be kind of dumb sometimes.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a surly teenager who believes teachers are only out to ruin my life on a sarcastic rant. This is not to say that I haven't had my problems with them before, but when I have had a misunderstanding, I have tried to deal with it in the most mature and reasonable way I found possible. This comes as a big shock to people, but I actually get decent grades, have a reasonably comfortable social life, and have yet to tell a teacher to f**** off.* I do fine in school. However, I am shocked occasionally by how unaware they can be of what's going on right in front of them. You know what I mean, the jokes that the whole class gets but the teacher doesn't understand? Teachers, for some reason I have yet to understand, seem to see me as the way of infiltrating the student world and bringing back information. The substitute walk in and they come to me and be like-

"Okay, I heard that there are some troublemakers in this class. Which ones should I keep an eye on?" Uhh...why'd you come to me, lady? And then, you know me, I don't like to make waves, I would never rat on nobody, so I have to be all "I don't know what you mean. I've never seen nobody act up, but then, I don't know everybody that well." and she's making me lie! I don't like to do that, but you do what you gotta do. Then I gotta look shocked ten minutes later when three jocks have duct-taped an eighteen year old to the ceiling lights.

"Savannah, what could I do to make the class more entertaining?" You really want me to answer that, honey? You could try not reading out of the book in a monotone voice every single day because if you keep that up, anything short of a striptease just ain't gonna get their attention.

Give 'em points for at least wanting to make their class more interesting.

Anyway, back to the things that everyone gets but the teacher. And ya'all know already that these kind of jokes are cheap, cheap, cheap. But the comment itself combined with that confused expression on the teachers face makes it high art and the joker a genius. This becomes increasingly funny when the jokes are coming out of the teachers mouth. For example I had a teacher who was in her seventies when I was in elementary school, sixth grade. One day when it was raining, she thoughtfully told the class about days the when she was young when she and her brother went to school.

"On days like this when it's wet, we had to remember to wear out rubbers."

Let me defend my class by saying that we were 11 or so, and were unaware at the time that a rubber is in fact, a wellington boot. To this day I still can't keep a straight face in class during serious times. On the other hand, I had one teacher that made obscure references, so there were times when only two people in the room were laughing, me and him, because nobody else knows what Monty Python or Abbot and Costello are(!).

This habit does not stop outside of high school. I was watching a youtube Prop Hunt in which one of the players told a story about one time at LAW SCHOOL. The teacher was explaining the necessity of a duty to be prosecuted for some law or whatever and she was using some analogy with buckets. She turned to him and said "So, the Duty Bucket," and he laughed in her face. She didn't really think that one through.

So are you a teacher? A student? Have you ever been in school? If you've heard an interesting case of "The teacher didn't get it" post it in the comments below! Hasta la pasta!

*Actually, I did get in trouble for flipping a kid off though, but he was following me with a video camera and recording me. That's how he got the evidence. To this day I maintain that I did the right thing and that he was the one who should have gotten detention, not me**. I went home and told me parents, but once they heard who the kid was, they said "Oh him. He's an @#%hole. I can't do much about your teacher being mad,but you and me are good."

**Funny story attached to this. I had to write an essay in class about something we did bad that we regret, but my record was pretty much spotless except for that, so I wrote about it. The essay eventually devolved into "I'm not sorry at all. My only regret is not using that excuse to punch him in the face. He's such a-" Then the teacher had us stop. Thank god she didn't call on me to read mine! I ripped it up and wrote another one about a time I stole cookies from my mom when I was two, after class.

I Am Not Dead!!!!

Contrary to popular belief, I have not shuffled off this mortal coil. I am alive and reasonably well. I know there really is no excuse for promising to be better about posting and than disappearing for what, a month? Two? In the real world, I had my finals and Regents Exams, which I need to get above an eighty five on in order to get my regents diploma with advanced designation which I am aiming for. I also had select choir tryouts(I got in), a play (they loved me), and my laptop died (I suspect my brother is involved).

So instead of making promises I'm not certain I am able to keep, I'm going to be honest with you. You have all been the most awesome subscribers, audience, and friends in the world, and you deserve the truth. I do not know how often I will be on this summer. I am looking for a job that has pretty long hours, and the ones available mean that I won't get out until the late afternoon. The nearest free wifi is about a two mile walk from my house at the library unless I can catch a ride with my mom, which I did today. Thank you all for being so patient with me. Love you all.

Last, LAST Jude Post, I Swear!

Okay, to all those people who used to really enjoy my essays, I,m sorry. I know that a lot of people subbed just for those, and since I haven't posted any in a while, you're annoyed. I get it. So let me state at this time that more are on their way, I have a few on my other computer right now, so bear with me. Thank you for your support.

So for anybody following this story, you are all familiar with my confusion and eventual recovery from the "Kiss her!" thing a while ago. Actually, things were going great for a while. I've evolved from the point where I was uncomfortable looking at Jude to just recently when I could chat with him like I've known him forever and ever. I was a billion times more comfortable and felt very secure... If my use of the past tense didn't tip you off, I no longer feel that way. As I've stated before, I usually meet up with all my friends at drama. Our last performance sadly ended yesterday, the crowds loved us and everyone thought I was " just so freakin' adorable!", even the junior high kids! It was funny how a thirteen year old comes to me in the hallway and said "you were so cute today" when I'm older than them (but sadly, not taller than them, so I see how they could have made that mistake). Well, getting to the point, I was in the girls room changing, and I heard the door click. After a few seconds, I didn't hear it close, so I looked to see what was going on. Sienna, a senior who's really pretty, was leaning on the door chatting with her friend completely oblivious to me in my underwear. And who should happen to be talking with her?


"Siena?" I whispered loudly. The actors were in the middle of the play, so I couldn't make a scene. In the meantime, you-know-who had noticed that there was, in fact, a girl dressing in the Girls Dressing Room. I grabbed a sweater off the rack and held it in front of myself while I whispered louder "SIENNA!!" Jude, in the meantime, who already has quite large eyes had stretched them to huge proportions while Sienna finally turned to see why I was calling her. "Shut the door!" I snapped and she gasped in realization. Jude, in the meantime, looked up to see me looking back, and excused himself quietly while Sienna finally ran in and slammed the door shut. We both giggled about it for a bit, and she couldn't apoligize enough, but I said it was an accident and it wasn't her fault. Cut to me, twenty minutes later sobbing my eyes out in the bathroom with my friends stuffing chocolate in my mouth and comforting me.

While I have since gotten over the embarrassment and can now make eye contact with him again, its still a little awkward. I told a few people in drama, who assured me he's seen, like, twenty something girls naked already, so seeing me wasn't anything new to him. I don't know if that makes it better or worse, but he has been a gentleman about it so far and not said anything to me or anyone else. At least he left pretty quickly and it wasn't more than a passing glance. I made sure his girlfriend didn't find out because I don't want it to confuse anything for them, and I tried my best to realize that it was an accident anyway. Apart from a little awkwardness, I'm fine about it, but I thought you guys would find it interesting. Just want y'all to know the whole story.

Healthy Smoothie Recipie

I love food. A lot. Ask any of my friends and they will tell you that food is the best way to win my eternal love and affection. Many of my friends have made serious bonus points around the holidays by sharing their chocolate with me (mostly on halloween because I'm not allowed to celebrate it and a lot of friends give me the chocolate-coconut bars they don't like). I know a lot of people who tell me they don't like dark chocolate and I just sort of stare at them trying to figure out why. I know this is a horrible thing to say, but the first guy to get into my pants will probably succeed by using chocolate. I really, really, love food.

So how to be healthy? Well, one thing I've found is that if you learn how to cook, you will actually be HEALTHIER when you're making more food and learning recipes by heart. Here's why; if you know what goes into the food you eat, you are more aware of what you're eating. You are also in complete control of what you prepare and eat. Not everyone is a french chef, I understand that. So here's a really simple recipe for a healthy and delicious smoothie. Everybody makes smoothies differently so there's lots of wiggle room here.

In a blender, throw in 4 or 5 strawberries and one whole banana (peeled, obviously). As you get more comfortable making this, you can add other fruits or berries as you please, but don't go overboard. I like to put the fruit in a bag after I peel it all and throw in in the freezer the night before so it makes a colder smoothie, but you don't have to. Add a cup of milk (More or less. The more milk, the smoother it is!), some juice (cranberry works well), and some vanilla extract or almond extract. Yogurt is optional, but if you do have some on hand be wary of the flavor before you add it! Blend the whole mess until creamy, making sure you put the lid on. Sample it, and add more or less of anything, than enjoy. If it's not sweet as you would like, add a spoonful of sugar or three artificial sugar packets and blend it again.

Note: If you're allergic to these ingredients, don't eat them. I know this sounds obvious, but some people need reminding. Also, you can tamper with this by adding more or less of the ingredients you want. Don't do something really stupid like using a broken blender and make sure you have the lid on while you blend.

That's all! Enjoy.