Hi, I'm geekiechick but you can call me geekie. I live in New York, and I love anime, cute things, cute guys, manga, and the whole universe (except for the stuff in it I don't like)! This world will be about my life as a geekie (not geekY) otaku chick. I'm here to have a little fun and enjoy myself before
I have to grow up, so if anyone else wants to join me, you've come to the right place. Leave some comments if you like and I'll drop in once in a while and let you know what I'm up to.

Hasta la pasta!

Thank You

Hey sorry to leave that depressing post and disappear like that. Didn't mean to worry anyone. Well, I'm back after how long, and all your comments really cheered me up, so thanks. And Sena Harulumin for that fanart, thank you, it was lovely. All of you guys, you're the best subs and friends in the world. I know everyone says that, but they don't really mean it, and I do.

Thank you all, you really cheered me up.

I Don't Know

Hey, sorry I haven't posted in a while guys. My great aunt died, and I guess it knocked me off my feet a little bit. My parents didn't let me go to the funeral because they thought going to the Congregation of Jehovah's Witness' Assembly was more important than a human's memorial, and there was a whole fiasco where another aunt wasn't allowed to go to the funeral because she wasn't a Jehovah's Witness. If I ever had any shred of faith in this religion, it's gone now.

I'm just done.

Internet Ettiquette

I believe that politeness costs nothing: not pride, honor, cash or credit. It's just as easy to throw a please at the end of a request as it is to think of an insult for them or be angry and it requires less energy(for example "Could you please pass the salt?" as opposed to stretching over peoples food to get it, or "Excuse me, the line has moved" instead of "Out of the way fungus brain! Cant you see the lines moved?") Some people just don't get that. I understand that in some circumstances, you need to toss manners aside to protect yourself, ease a social situation, or just relaxing. But on the internet? The internet has a whole new set of rules and regulations and can be more difficult to communicate even though anyone can read your words clearly, because the other person can't see your facial expressions or hear your tone of voice. Now Im going to be nice and assume that the internet doesn't know any better, so here's what I've gathered. It varies here or there, but I think these are pretty consistent.

1. If you're on a chat room and have to leave in a hurry, LET THE PERSON YOU WERE TALKING TO KNOW. Four clicks, "a" "f" "k" "send". In e-mail or comment sections there can be some on and off conversations sometimes, but if you're going back and forth, don't make the other person wait.

2. If you don't have anything nice to say, keep quiet. I'm not talking about legit criticism, I mean stuff like "F*** this" for no reason at all. And everyone, if something bothers you, remember that the internet is cruel and someone will think it's a sensitive area for you and jump on it. Sometimes, not always, it's better to ignore it.

3. Don't try to one up people by stealing ideas and passing them off as yours, saying you had a worse time, a better time, and pretty much ignoring people's thoughts or feelings to brag about your own. That's on par with saying "I have a bigger teddy bear at home" okay? Lame.

4. No one likes trolls. They have no friends.

5. By all means, tell us how you feel; we're here to help. But please be appropriate. I can't tell you how many times I've seen someone go off on a rant about how depressed they are when it was not the time or place. The comments section of a funny cat video on youtube is not where you want to go on an emotional rampage. Take it to a more private level, with your online friends, maybe, or a doctor if you need one.

6. Go ahead and correct my spelling. Really, it's not like the computer could do that for me and I chose to ignore it because proper English isn't as important as what I have to say. (sarcasm)

7. The wonderful thing about the internet is that you can think about what you want to say and edit it before you write it. Take time to reread and edit angry comments so you an really think about what you're sending.

Got any others? Post in the comments.

Remind me Everyone, How Stupid Am I?

So I was up until, I don't know maybe one thirty where I live last night on theO, and youtube and the like. Eventually I was so tired I went of to bed to sleep it off before tomorrow. Only I forgot one thing:

What if the weather was going to be a complete bastard?

Yes, I was up not until, one, not two, but THREE in the MORNING after I tried to fall asleep. I went through my whole day sleepy, and spent my whole day sorting and stamping and filing and moving boxes half asleep, took a nap in the car on the way to my aunt's house, and am now have just enough energy to make it through dinner (tortellini and chicken with veggies; shes a fabulous cook!). I really hope the heat gets better because it is just...damn! If I didn't have work I would not have crawled out of bed.

Anybody There?

Well, it's late.

I don't know where ya'all are but it's exactly 11:28 pm right here. Is it just me, or is the internet the coolest thing ever? I mean it's the middle of the night, I'm in my pjs, tired, at the most vulnerable place I can be, yet I am invincible! Nothing can beat me.

I worked all day, scanning pages from the 1870's into a computer until five, had some chinese, chilled with my awesome aunt, and now it's time to take it back and spend some quality time with Mr. Computer. Hey internet! I'm ready for you now!

...hey guys?...hello?...where is everyone?

Anybody still here?


Wanted to add this thing I made. That's Markiplier if any of you were wondering. Signing off.