K, I'm Over It

In the end, there were not enough votes to make a conclusion. Mah, no worrries. Adopt, adapt, and improve. I asked all my friends what they wanted to do, and we picked an outfit ourselves. Don't worry, I'll tell you if it was a success or not. Hakuna matata, which roughly translates into "smiley face".

So, how did the first day of school go? Did you spill your lunch tray on the vice pricipal (don't worry, he probably deserved it)? Was it your average day at school? Or did it go splendidly, considering that summer is over? Anything funny happen? Anything unexpected? Let me know! I will pick 3 winners (I won't share the story if you don't want me to) and they will recieve the following prizes:

GRAND PRZ: 5 gifts
1st prz: 3 gifts
2nd prz: 2 gifts
3rd prz: 1 gift

The due date for this is one month from today. I'll notify you if you won.

hasta la pasta!