Okay, I Got This

The first quarter of the school year is almost over, and not a second too soon, I thought. Soccer is over, winter sports are beginning. It's getting colder, and we all can let ourseles go for as long as we're in heavy sweaters. Time for nice hot ramen and rice dishes. Time's passing and stuff. Yup, yup, and yuperoo. November's coming and we all know what that means.


HECK YAH! I cant wait. Last year, I was Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes, which shows how well I can act. Me? A bad guy? Yeah, I can get lost on the way to the bank, ask the clerk politely if she wouldn't mind handing me her valuables, leave the money and take the lollipops, and trip down the stairs on my way to the gettaway unicorn. Still, everyone said I was great. Muahahaha!

If you've read this far, you're getting into the idea that I'm TOTALLY INTO THIS. I sing, I act, maybe someday you'll see my name in lights. Of course, "GEEKIECHICK" could refer to almost anybody. But WE'LL know, wont we?So I hope to get a good part.

Around here, plays have three classes of parts:

3 star roles, one for each grade.
7-15 medium roles for adequete actors or those who can't project
80,000,000,000 cannon fodder for the sixth and half the seventh grade.

The first year, I got "Prominent Fodder": I had one scene and a name. No lines, but I was the comic releif which was more of a physical thing. The next, I zipped right out of the fodder class into high class. If I can just keep it up...

Well, those are my thoughts on drama. Prima Donna over and out!