Why the Host Club Wouldn't Work

So I've been thinking.

Thre are a lot of people who love Ouran Host Club. Myself included. But if you really break it down,is it really sucha good idea? Hear me out. I don't mean to badmouth it or anything. I was just thinking the other day, really? Would people actually go there? Would YOU personally go there? I know I wouldn't. Why? It's embarassing! According to my theory, this is exactly what woud happen if I did end up there somehow:

(Opens Door)
Host Club: Welcome!
Me: ACK!!!!
(Face turns red)
Kyoya: Is this your first time here? Don't be shy.
Me: Uhhh...
Kyoya: So, what's your type? Stoic? Prince?
Me: Whaaa...?
Hikaru: What's her problem?
Kauru: Can she hear us?
Hani: Maybe she's sick?
Kyoya: She's a transfer from America. Do...you...understand...me?
(Nods Frantically)
Tamaki: Let me handle this. Welcome...princes...
Me: Hyuuhhh??
Haruhi: Aww...she's just shy. What's your name?
Kyoya: You should know, Haruhi, she's in your class. Pay attention.
Hani: Are you okay, Miss?
Mori: She looks ill.
(Hands glass of water)
Tamaki: Oh my gosh, her face is beet red!
Twins: Is she gonna faint?
Kyoya: Get her to the nurse now! This will be so bad for our reputation!
Hikaru: She's trying to say something!
Kauru: She's saying something!
Tamaki: What's the matter?
Me:...isn't this...the music room...?
(Akward pause)
Me: The music teacher asked me to stay late.
Me: He says I have real potential on the piano.
Kyoya: I'm afraid not. This room is presently being used after school hours for the use of the Host Club.
Me: Oh.
Kyoya: Down the hall, take a left, it's the third door down.
Me: Thanks.

SEE? Me, being the cloud cuckoolander I am, would get lost, walk in there, and accedently cause a scene. If one of my friends managed to drag me in there, it would not end well and would probably end the relationship. Let's face it otakus: (wipes tear from her eye) I'm to embarrassed to face ouran.

As I say this, I know there are going to be a flood of comments saying I'm crazy and if they could get to Ouran, they would totally see the Host Club. If you could honestly say that you could go there alone and actually have a good time without being self concious, that is commendable, and you are more worthy of the crown than I.

That's all for today! Love, peace, and chicken grease! <3