"Innocence in shojo? HA!!!!!": A Review

So if you're like most gals my age, a good percentage of the manga you read is shojo. From most of what I read, there's always two or more guys going after a girl and she usually either has no idea, doesn't care, or both. A lot of people have just accepted that, no questions asked. I've got two things to say to them: "Ha" and "Ha". Firstly, if you haven't thought about this theory of mine, please do. If you come up with a theory of your own, let's hear it. But please, please, please question what you read. Disagree with people sometimes: It's really rather healthy.

Now most people just accept that female charactures in shojo are innocents and have learned to accept that without questioning it throught the principal of "common usage." Who could blame them? Shojo works rather perfectly actually. Think about it for a minute.

The gorgeuos guy falling for the everyday girl(that's actually really hot, but never mind), that has nothing special and least expects love. This can show that REAL everyday people like the rest of us have a chance with the guy of our dreams even if, let's face it, that's not gonna happen. One guy is the close figure that has loved her all along, and the other is the strange new intriguing characture that has just then fallen in love. The innocent girl is confused. The "new" guy finds this even more attractive and goes after her even more while the "loved you all along" tries to protect her. This is how the two boys rival each other. In a pinch, you might see the New Guy "leave her because he loves her" or Loved You All Along Guy pick a fight and the girl goes and tends to the wounds of the loser. The innocent girl is tormented by their rivalry and confused by their actions. The readers pity her, and anxiously await her final decision. But she still is innocent right?

OF COURSE NOT!!!!!!!!!

Who wouldn't want two hotties fighting over you? You're a teenage girl! Look at Haruhi Fujioka and try to tell me that she HONESTLY wasn't playing anyone in the Host Club. She's got four guys drooling over her, arguably five! How about the girl in "Friuts Basket"? YEAH RIGHT! We all ship in our minds which guy she's gonna get: in her mind she's shipping herself with every single one. This comes off as "innocence" somehow because if she's flirting with everybody, we accept that's what the characture is like and that she's not flirting with any of them. I don't think so. I'm not saying every Shojo in the world is like this, but I';m saying that it's worth thinking about.

So think about it. If one person that reads this actually thinks over the next thing that they read (a newspaper article, a poem, a magazine), and DOES NOT IGNORE A VALID ARGUMENT the world is now a better place.