My First Challenge!!!!!!! XD

Hello everyone! Im posting to say: That I made my first Challenge ;W; Im excited and if anyone who wants to see it, ( please do!) Here is the Link
Its a fan art challenge for drawing an imaginary friend <3
Please enjoy~
- Gero Chan


YAY!!! Im soooooo happy! School is finally out for me~! XD I finally prevail in the journy through the school year, persevering the doomed mountain of homework, battling quarter exams, and finally prevailing victor of the battle of the finals! And getting various awards as well! Woooooo! B Honor Role Awards! Yeeaaahh~! * pumps fist in the air* Anyways, Im officially on summer vacation now, which means................ MORE OF ME ON THEO! More drawings and comments! Sorry I missed commenting on all the AWESOMEart here! * sniffle* I missed soooooo much good work~! Anyways, just posting to all you guys!
And now................ The most random excerpt known to man which I found in the inside of a iced tea's lid that goes as follows:
In a moment the ashes are made, but the forest is a long time growing.- Seneca.
Ok. I'll post a pic I have as soon as I can!
See ya guys!
- Gero Chan

Gero Frog Blog Guest Posts.

Hay there Everyone one! As we all know, the Gero Frog blog is (mostly) a guide to certain art materials. But allot of Artist's I meet here on TheO know allot about specific art materials I have never heard of. Which brings me here to say that I will invite Guests to the Gero Frog Blog! I value all of the information that people offer to give on art materials. If you would like to be a Guest Poster on this World, please do pm me and I will add you to the list of Guest Posters. Thank you so much!

Rules for this World:
. No bad words are permitted.
. nothing R rated on this blog please.

. You can post anything you want like Youtube videos, images, etc. as long as they are in the guidelines.
. If you are not sure about posting something just ask me.
. You can do a post on an art material that has already been posted on this blog. The more info there is the better!

- Gero Chan


Hi Everyone! this Weekend, i went to a local Anime festival! It was really fun! I entered an art contest, got a stuffed frog plushy to add to my collection, and a DVD which is called .hack//Roots. It is really interesting actually! I got the first DVD called: " Welcome to The World: R2. anyways, here is the opening for it: Enjoy

Art Material of the Day: Prisma Color Markers

Hello Everyone! Long time no post! Today's Art Material is Prisma Color Markers! All though I do not know anything special about them, I wil try my best to give advise on what little I know. Prisma Color Markers are a specific type pf art marker. ...

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