Art Material of the Day: Prisma Color Markers

Hello Everyone! Long time no post! Today's Art Material is Prisma Color Markers! All though I do not know anything special about them, I wil try my best to give advise on what little I know. Prisma Color Markers are a specific type pf art marker. They are less expensive than Copic's and have a amazingly large variety of colors. Unlike a Copic sketch marker, Prisma Color Markers have harder nibs.

positive qualities: many different colors, huge selections to choose from, is half the price of Copics, and is good for layering in precise deatail.

negative points: harder nibs do not allow as much ink flow as in a Copic, and bleeds through pages.

Paper corner: From what I know, Prisma Colors work best on smooth papers becuase of the hard nibs. If you use grainy papers, the nib will snag on the bumps in the paper.

Ok! I hope this has helped at least a little!
- Gero Chan