Welcome to The Musicbox of GHM, aka me, Gokuhappymonkey!! Here I am displaying youtube vids of the many Anime, American, and other style modes of music that I tend to listen to on a daily basis!! Please enjoy the atmosphere here too!! And if you like the familiar tunes, then rock on, friends!!

Gaara is my personal Dj. He shall overlook the world and bring new music to the table when he or I can. He's watching you...^_^'

*all vids and music belong to original owners, not mine unless otherwise stated*

Bye Baby Sayonara-Feat. Yusei

Syoujo Misui-Feat. Yusei and Jack

Another MMD style video. This was flawless!

Sweet Devil-Feat. Yami

An MMD style video of Yami Yugi dancing to my favorite song Sweet Devil! Yay!

Big Bang G-Dragon- One of a Kind

This is a nice song! Thank you to WhiteFlame96 for suggesting it!!

Big Bang- Fantastic Baby