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welcome to my little space~ I'm Mist the Mismagius, and I hope you'll have a pleasant time here!
oh yes... all my friends will be here with me~

Mist Fearcanief the Mismagius

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Pradosh O'Narzhan the Pumpkaboo

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hey, ghosts live together! you can learn more about us as well!

Grim Kozmar the Gengar
Samael Noiraws the Sableye
Driskoll Zefercan the Drifblim
Dusek Volgrimp the Dusknoir
Hansel Sperans the Spiritomb
Chernobog Gillian the Giratina
Jiang Kinren the Jellicent
Hywel Nightfall the Honedge
Rowan Voltegeist the Rotom
Chandler "Lord Chant" Firantich the Chandelure
Mortem Bane the Banette

Gretel Sperans "Freya" the Froslass
Cara Phantomb the Cofagrigus
Giada Stargrave the Shiny Golurk
Therra Grymwood the Trevenant
Scarlett Desouller the Shedinja

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Grim Kozmar the Gengar

Name: Grim Kozmar Pokemon: Gengar National #: 094 Title: Shadow Pokemon Type of Pokemon: Ghost/Poison Nicknames: Grimm...

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Pradosh's profile

Pradosh O’Narzhan Pokemon: Pumpkaboo National #: 710 Title: Pumpkin Pokemon Type of Pokemon: Ghost/Grass...

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Hansel's profile

Hansel Sperans Pokemon: Spiritomb National #: 442 Title: Forbidden Pokemon Type of Pokemon: Ghost/Dark Nickna...

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Gretel's profile

Name: Gretel “Freya” Sperans Pokemon: Froslass National #: 478 Title: Snow Land Pokemon Type of Pokemon: Ice/Gho...

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PGR SS wishlist 2013

Here's Mist's list for this year's Secret Santa PGR event~ as always, I'll try to give as many options as possible, so you'll have more choices~ ^^ I'll give also some ideas, but if you'd prefer to draw them in different ways, please ...

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