HELLO EVERYONE ^______^ Greetings! Welcome to my cute little world [GinnyDarling<3] !!

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This is a world I am specifically making to show off/discuss/get ideas for my new clothing line that I am designing!! While it may be a year or two til I really get things going, I completely plan to make this line, even if it's just for me to sell on etsy or for my own cute little store ^___^

I would love all comments, questions, recommendations, ideas, opinions, suggestions....ANY AND ALL FEEDBACK IS APPRECIATED!!! Please let me know what you think of each outfit, what kinds of things you want to see, where you think I'm lacking, what you like the most, etc <3 I hope you enjoy my little world of fashion, design, and style!

For the BESTIE

Just for my A-chan

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While I have several other sketches base-colored, I want to take a moment to upload this one first, and worry about the rest later this weekend. THIS is a labor of love for my amazing best friend, Alex <3 A badass schoolgirl look, very edgy and stylish :D Red is always perfect on you, so I figured I would make it really pop with an all greyscale outfit- grey button down shirt with a red bowtie, dark grey vest, grey leggings with red bows and lace, a red-striped grey fedora, accented by red star jewelery <3 I hope you love it, darling!! I can't wait to make it for you :)

Sanrio <3

The first of the thermal shirts with animal hoods <3 !!! Here's my adorable HELLO KITTY one ^____________^

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WOOT WOOT the first of the thermal longsleeves with animal hoods!! This will be a white thermal shirt decorated in Hello Kitty detailing ^____^ Cuz I love-love Sanrio, and only draw with Sanrio mech. pencils :) haha I know, I'm a dork. Super comfy, super soft and warm fall and winter options, these thermal animal-hooded shirts are just too cute!!

Aaaand my monkey:

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Another thermal hooded shirt with animal hood!! This one is a cute brown monkey, with yellow hearts (banana color!) and brown and yellow plaid (it's checkerboard atm cuz I was lazy haha) and a cute little monkey guy sitting in the little breast pocket spot! These are so simple, comfortable, and warm- they are perfect to complete any outfit for fall and winter!

just for KONEKO

Here's a piece I did just for a friend of mine- she designed it, I drew and colored it in, and here it is, LITTLE SIS <3

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I hope you like it!!! <3 miyu



Seriously can't even believe how I came up with this, but it's my new favorite base, and I will be using this style to do Hatter and Cheshire, along with probably some Harry Potter stuff ^____^ (Ive decided to start a pop cult mini line concept. No idea what I'll call it, but it's awesome!)

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OMG OMG OMG OMG do you have ANY idea how much fun this was??? So I was at Claire's the other day, looking thru their clearance while waiting for a bus after work, and I saw this cool gothic Alice in Wonderland shirt. Since my bestie is a major Alice in Wonderland fanatic, I decided I simple MUST design my own Alice in Wonderland apparel for GinnyDarling <3 AND THIS IS THE RESULT!!! How cool is that?? Totally punk rock Alice in Wonderland ^_____^

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So this is the Queen of Hearts version of the Alice in Wonderland punk rock outfit I made :D I plan to also make a Hatter/Mad Hatter (still debating) and a Cheshire match set as well. Alice is blue/black/grey/silver with white lace, the Queen is red/black/grey/gold with white lace <3 Hatter will probably be crazy, depending on if I do "Mad Hatter" or "Hatter' (Alice, SyFy 2009). Cheshire will probably be black/purple/green/silver with the white lace matching them ^____^



So this is one of my new mini line concepts, "UPDATE YOUR FAIRYTALE"!! It will be a line of super detailed, ruffled summer dresses and Romeo/Juliet outfits in white and pastel colors only.

This line will be complimented by a mirror line called "This Ain't a Fairytale" (the one and only Taylor Swift <3), a goth-loli version of the above designs ^____^ A black base accented with mainly blue, purple, and green, possibly some red (since it is fairly popular)!

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The first sketch in my new mini line "Update Your Fairytale"- a line of romantic victorian-era type summer clothes. It will mainly be white outfits with pastel colors, either fancy ruffled dresses or Romeo style outfits ^____^

This one is a simple summer dress with a ruffled hem and a cute double ruffled bodice, accented with a few bows and some pastel leggings! I chose a light tickle-me-pink because it's the perfect light, prnicessy feel lol. I love how cute this is!

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The second design in the "Update Your Fairytale" mini line! Another summer dress and leggings set, but this one is even more ruffled and detailed ^__^ I really love the lavender touches, especially the bow on the neck. This is a fairly simple design, a sleeveless dress, but all the ruffling and details give it a much more put-together feel. The white base will be comfortable and ideal for hot summer weather, so it's the perfect summer line <3