HELLO EVERYONE ^______^ Greetings! Welcome to my cute little world [GinnyDarling<3] !!

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This is a world I am specifically making to show off/discuss/get ideas for my new clothing line that I am designing!! While it may be a year or two til I really get things going, I completely plan to make this line, even if it's just for me to sell on etsy or for my own cute little store ^___^

I would love all comments, questions, recommendations, ideas, opinions, suggestions....ANY AND ALL FEEDBACK IS APPRECIATED!!! Please let me know what you think of each outfit, what kinds of things you want to see, where you think I'm lacking, what you like the most, etc <3 I hope you enjoy my little world of fashion, design, and style!



This is the "WICKED" outfit, designed with my bestie in mind <3 She loves Wicked, the musical, of course. I wanted to do a totally punk outfit that could give that kind of feel, and while I think it's not quite there, this is what my first attempt gave way to- a comfy long-sleeve sweater with built-in thumb-holes over a neon green turtle neck, Paired with a simple pair of black cargo pants and a simple black tophat with a green rose, and of course neon green jewelery, it is so much fun!

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Going Victorian

Another new design!!

This outfit is my Victorian Era fancy dress, with a modern twist. It's a mini dress with long-sleeves that almost cover the hands (with built-in thumb-hole!) And a few bows for accent and fun. I love the puffy sleeves and color combination on this one- the leggings are semi-sheer lace, and the top is similar, with a sheet of black underneath for propriety :P A simple, basic outfit that has a very gothic, fancy feel to it! I love the easy black rose pattern.

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[HEYjuliet] <3


OMG where to start?? This was a revelation I had as I was waking up yesterday, and managed to remember enough of it to sketch it yesterday afternoon <3 This is the ultimate modern Juliet outfit- a pair of detailed white capri pants, a long-sleeved frilly shirt with a beautiful white script handwriting pattern, topped with a beautiful shirt. The top part (above the bow) is white lace roses, the bottom is a soft white semi-sheer fabric with a lovely ribbon. Of course, the outfit wouldn't be complete without a big bow in her hair!

I just can't believe how absolutely perfectly this outfit came out- just the way I wanted!! It is romantic, simplistic, and totally beautiful, all at once :D The beautiful gold jewelery will be a perfect touch to complete the outfit- gold hearts, lockets, and keys, maybe with little "pixie dust" bottles, too!

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ROMANCE SET: Clearly, I could not resist trying this outfit in several basic colors for the Juliet feel :D I really love the lavender and orchid combination in this set!! To me, nothing could possibly scream "ROMANCE <3" more perfectly than this outfit right here, in this color set ^______^

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PRINCESS SET: Another color set that I am trying out for my JULIET outfit. Something tells me that this version will be the most popular....I wonder why? lol. A lovely shade of pale tickle-me-pink for the long-sleeved shirt and a perfect pink for the ribbons and bows, offset by the soft white outfit ^_____^

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Anything Cuter than Panda?


Alright, honestly, I just couldn't resist. I really had to do a panda outfit. I mean, HOW CUTE IS THIS?? hahaha Panda Pan! I think this would go over pretty well as an outfit for most punky kids, and would make an adorable easy Halloween outfit for most girls ^_____^

Yes, the panda hat would totally be included with the dress! Possibly the paino key arm-warmer as well...maybe as a set, for a slight upcharge. Because there is really nothing cuter than Panda Pan!! Except sad panda lol.

Again, a mini dress with leggings and arm-warmers, because there is no outfit that screams "feminine" more than this, in my opinion :D Somehow, I think this panda outfit will be one of my more popular outfits lol. I mean, it's so hard not to love the cute panda hat, isn't it?

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Fall Line!

Hello again, everyone!! [GINNYDARLING<3] continues!!

This is another piece for the Autumn section of the GinnyDarling line :D It's warm, soft, and comfortable, all at once! I really love large, simple plaid patterns, especially ones with shiny silver threads in them haha. I think this outfit would be super fun for fall, to feel and look good without being too cold.

This kind of outfit could really be done in any color scheme, and for fall, it would probably be best in oranges, reds, and golds. I will attempt to recreate that at some point in more seasonally appropriate colors when I get a chance! I'm just really into soft blues and aquas...so calming!

There is just something so comfortable and perfect about leggings and miniskirts, I can't help but draw them again and again. The epitome of femininity ^___^ Paired with this lacy tank top and fitted plaid collared shirt, it really has a homey feel to it, yet it still looks nice enough to go to school feeling totally confident. The soft grey is just such a great neutral base for this outfit; I love how it looks! I can't wait to see how this goes over :D

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