HELLO EVERYONE ^______^ Greetings! Welcome to my cute little world [GinnyDarling<3] !!

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This is a world I am specifically making to show off/discuss/get ideas for my new clothing line that I am designing!! While it may be a year or two til I really get things going, I completely plan to make this line, even if it's just for me to sell on etsy or for my own cute little store ^___^

I would love all comments, questions, recommendations, ideas, opinions, suggestions....ANY AND ALL FEEDBACK IS APPRECIATED!!! Please let me know what you think of each outfit, what kinds of things you want to see, where you think I'm lacking, what you like the most, etc <3 I hope you enjoy my little world of fashion, design, and style!

Still More!

Fifth complete outfit!!

This is my super-chic rockstar style, attempt the first :D A neutral based shirt and pant set with a rockin' patterned vest in a bold color, accompanied by a slightly darker shade of tie, arm-warmer, and belt. Overall, it's a fairly simple outfit, and anyone could put it together with any awesome vest and a plain outfit. It will definitely be something that is done in a brown tones, a black tones, and a shades of grey set, as well. Most likely, I'll change up the vest colors for each color set as well, but it will be so hard to decide which color must go with which set. Maybe a red vest with the black set...purple with the grey set...yeah, I think that works out pretty well.

As I said, this is a fairly simple outfit, but it's really versatile. It's a great fall or spring outfit- light, comfortable, but not too thin as to be affected totally by the weather. I really like how comfy and laid back it is, while still looking totally put together and stylish! This outfit is perfect for any punky girl looking for something easy to wear that totally rocks without having to even think about what to put together :D

That's what I love about these outfits- they're gonna come layered, totally complete. I mean, I'll probably offer individual pieces, especially the really note-worthy ones, but how easy would it be to just buy a complete and stylish outfit and not have to worry about anything else?

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It Never Ends!

My super cute librarian look!!

Soo, for those who hadn't noticed it around my profile and such, I want to be a librarian. Unusual, yes. Awesome, HECK YES. And, in my opinion, this is the quintessential librarian outfit ^____^ A sweater-dress with leggings and a collared shirt = librarian perfection! So here's the first of my cute, modern librarian style (yes, I have this outfit, in different colors). The beret is just for fun, of course. I have many hats, as I think we should all have many cute hats :) This outfit is perfect for fall's wind, or for winter, if paired with fuzzy tall boots and a cute jacket!

As you can see, I am working on integrating warmer color sets into [GinnyDarling<3] as well! Here I'm working with a cranberry base tone, well complimented by gold floral accents for an autumn color scheme :D The grey and white tones for the rest of the outfit allow the fall colors to really stand out, which is SO important at that time of year as the word slowly loses its color ;_;

You are sure to stand out in this adorable, versatile outfit that is totally not just for librarians! I mean, how cute is this??

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More, more, more!

Another completed outfit!!

Soo this is the first prototype for my WINTER section! A long-sleeved mini dress with a light, pastel color and a simple pattern, paired with an adorable mini jacket and complimentary leggings, to be worn with fuzzy knee-high boots. I mean, it just SCREAMS "snow bunny" ^_____^ I feel that this is literally the PERFECT winter outfit- cute, form fitting, AND comfortable, without having to show off enough skin to freeze to death XD Paired with a cute, long (and fuzzy hooded) jacket, this is how you rock winter weather!

I've noticed that, though we've hit our first week of fall weather, the girls at my college are still wearing jean short shorts and t-shirts (while I am in my mini dress, leggings, and knee high boots lol). I think it's crazy that girls from jr high thru college feel it is more important to look good than to be warm! I want to Make several outfits that are "season specific," so a few winter outfits, a few summer outfits, and of course fall and spring outfits that really take the weather into account while still showing off curves in a modest, fully-clothed but fashionable way <3 How nice would it be to have a few outfits you could always go to for winter, knowing you'd look adorable AND be warm? Priceless!

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Outfit the second!

Outfit number 2!!

I absolutely LOVE this outfit!! So it's a scrunchied mini dress with a Victorian flare ^__^ The puffy princess sleeves, layered lacy collar, and lacy leggings are such a perfect compliment, in my opinion. Clearly, I am n a phase that is all about bows and lace. But I think they add such perfect, simple embellishments to the outfit! I chose a script fabric with a keys and lockets pattern because it's a big, simple pattern that is still a lot of fun. The leggings and arm-warmer also have really cute script pattern to tie everything together without actually breaking the "no two patterns" rule :D

This outfit is something I could see myself making in every shade of the rainbow, because it's hard not to love this outfit <3 And since different colors speak so well to different people, it seems like it would make this outfit even more popular than it is :) I mean, I would wear this in green, purple, and turquoise for sure! And for those who love warmer colors, I'm sure I could make it in orange or red (how's hat for a statement!) I may, however, refrain from yellow, because that is a hard color for most people to pull off. If you're wondering why there isn't a lot of yellow in my line, that's why lol.

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Outfits Galore!

Here is my first outfit!!

I absolutely LOVE black and grey stripes together, so it was easy to come up with this first outfit for GinnyDarling: a black and grey striped mini dress with some cute embellishments (they may not be this pattern when I finally get to it- I'm thinking several designs with a base idea of silver and green, silver and turquoise, silver and purple, etc) ^____^ I think the outfit should have coordinated, layered jewelery that brings out the colors of the embellishments. The arm-warmer and leggings, on the other hand, I want to keep in a basic black and white. I always love the black and white piano key pattern, and I think the music pattern on the leggings :)

I intent to make each outfit style in at least a couple of different color schemes, but the original is just whatever color set strikes me as I am working on the piece to post it here :D

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