HELLO EVERYONE ^______^ Greetings! Welcome to my cute little world [GinnyDarling<3] !!

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This is a world I am specifically making to show off/discuss/get ideas for my new clothing line that I am designing!! While it may be a year or two til I really get things going, I completely plan to make this line, even if it's just for me to sell on etsy or for my own cute little store ^___^

I would love all comments, questions, recommendations, ideas, opinions, suggestions....ANY AND ALL FEEDBACK IS APPRECIATED!!! Please let me know what you think of each outfit, what kinds of things you want to see, where you think I'm lacking, what you like the most, etc <3 I hope you enjoy my little world of fashion, design, and style!


Hey everyone! i know it's been FOREVER, and i'm so so sorry for that! two jobs, holiday season at disney, and some awesome coworkers have kept me insanely busy, and I have a hard time keeping up with everything.

I wanted to let you all know that if you're missing me (and my art) that you can follow me on deviantart now at jikosangel

some of my most recent clothing designs, for those who love GinnyDarling

I'm also on redbubble, for those who love cool shirts and stickers :)

and my handmade jewelry is up for sale in my shop DearestLovelies on etsy!!

I will try to check in more often, since I miss everyone lots! Hopefully after new year I will have more time. If you want to chat, though, i recommend doing so on dA, as i'm more likely to check in there :) Please keep making beautiful artwork, everyone!!! I love coming here and seeing what everyone has been up to while i've been away <3 you guys are great!!

the HARRY POTTER set!!

OMG <3 I just had to do a Harry Potter line for the Pop Culture stuff!!

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WOOT WOOT it's about time I got these up here! I was trying for a while to complete them and get them just the way I wanted >.> I really love how this one came out!! A striped mini dress with thermal sleeves, topped by a fancy little vest and tie, and simple black leggings with ruffled bottoms. Matching punky hair bow to complete the look ^____^ I plan to do writing on these Harry Potter outfits, similar to how I did the Alice in Wonderland set, only it would be black print on the maroon/gold striped dress here, of course. (it'll say "Harry Freaking Potter!")

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Because you cannot have one without the other.... Heeere's Slytherin! I think I will do Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff at some point, but I can easily just color these to do them as such lol....just haven't gotten around to it yet! I really like the green and silver against the black, though. As with Gryffindor, this one will have text, and I have decided upon Malfoy's "I'm tired, can't we just be Deatheaters?" quote for this one!! See the male version, which is at the very top of the mens line, the next page over ^____^ I was very excite to do the men's version of these outfits to match!!

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SURPRISE!! the mens line is officially started!! And what better way to start it off right than with a fantastic pop culture icon, the Harry Potter series <3 Here is the Gryffindor outfit for men! A fitted black polo with thermal sleeves in gold and maroon stripes with a matching tie ^___^ A pair of dark denim jeans with a studded black belt and a fancy gold chain! Topped off by a simple black cap to pull the whole look together. And yes, the shirt does say "Harry Freaking Potter" in shiney gold haha! I really love how this outfit came out, even more than I thought I would!

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Slytherin simply is a must if you do Gryffindor, don't you think? I had to do both :) the fitted black polo is just such a great piece to base an outfit around, don't you think? Complimented by the green and silver striped thermal sleeves underneath and the matching tie <3 A silver chain on the dark denim jeans, and topped by a simple black hat :D The decal says "I'm tired, can't we just be Deatheaters?" lol!

Update Your Fairytale

More for the kawaii loli fairytale line!

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Another piece in the "Update Your Fairytale" line- a fancy little layered outfit! a super cute little ruffled mini sweater over a criss-cross necked halter style shihrt with lace and button details, paired with white dress pants and a fancy little sash belt ^____^ I really love the detailing on this one!! The hair pin, too, was a lot of fun- a rose with a fefather and some veiling (tulle) underneath- gives a very Victorian Era feel to the whole thing! I think I will have a lot of fun doing the gothic version of this, though, for the "This Ain't a Fairytale" matching line ^_____^ Yay!!


Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo?? Here's my ROMEO to go with my JULIET <3

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WOOT I finally made my ROMEO outfit to go with my Juliet!! I want it to also have the script, but haven't added that yet- will update image when I get to it <3 What do you all think?? A button down lacey longsleeve under a mini vest, decorated by a Victorian-esque ruffled collar piece and a simple pair of puffy pants lol. The hat was a lot of fun, too- the ribbons and rose :) I like the balance of neutral versus color, but still feel that the color scheme is a little bit off from where I want it to be....not really sure what's the matter with it, though, which is bugging me >.>



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My Nightmare Before Christmas "Christmas" outfit!! It will have an image off center as well, of Jack holding out an ornament in front of a tree, with Zero next to him :D I'm not done drawing that yet, though, lol. I LOVE-LOVE the jewelery for this set, though!! It's a match set of earrings, necklace, and bracelet made of colored Christmas lights <3 Basic Christmas dress in black with the white puffs, paired with candy cane striped leggings!


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This is my Nightmare Before Christmas "Halloween" outfit!! ^______^ I love the little gothic hat and the cut-out shoulders, coupled with the bold ribbons <3 This will also have a screened image put on it, probably not the same as the one on the Christmas outfit, though. I'll figure that all out later lol. I really love this color set, and I had so much fun designing this outfit!! The sweetheart neckline, the ruffled skirt, the spooky theme, all the little gothic details <3 The jewelery will be a match set of dark metal chains with little Jack Skellington heads <3 hahaha cuz I really wanna make them!