HELLO EVERYONE ^______^ Greetings! Welcome to my cute little world [GinnyDarling<3] !!

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This is a world I am specifically making to show off/discuss/get ideas for my new clothing line that I am designing!! While it may be a year or two til I really get things going, I completely plan to make this line, even if it's just for me to sell on etsy or for my own cute little store ^___^

I would love all comments, questions, recommendations, ideas, opinions, suggestions....ANY AND ALL FEEDBACK IS APPRECIATED!!! Please let me know what you think of each outfit, what kinds of things you want to see, where you think I'm lacking, what you like the most, etc <3 I hope you enjoy my little world of fashion, design, and style!


Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo?? Here's my ROMEO to go with my JULIET <3

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WOOT I finally made my ROMEO outfit to go with my Juliet!! I want it to also have the script, but haven't added that yet- will update image when I get to it <3 What do you all think?? A button down lacey longsleeve under a mini vest, decorated by a Victorian-esque ruffled collar piece and a simple pair of puffy pants lol. The hat was a lot of fun, too- the ribbons and rose :) I like the balance of neutral versus color, but still feel that the color scheme is a little bit off from where I want it to be....not really sure what's the matter with it, though, which is bugging me >.>