Hello all!

This world is devoted towards being "Green" aka environmental friendly. You can share what "Green" deeds that you have done in the past, present or near future. Just practically anything, such as tips and stories that are relevant.

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Going Bananas!

Look what I did :)

You don't really need to buy a speaker for your phone... if you want it to play music even louder, you just need to put the phone in a bowl or prop it up with something... in this case a banana, and so the sounds could amplify :D

Wow that was a long sentence!


One way to be environmental friendly is to reuse things.

For example use cloth sacks instead of plastic and paper bags when you go shopping. They can be use numerous times and this will definitely save some tress and reduce the numbers of plastic bags flying everywhere.

You can also reuse other things, such as plastic containers, shoe boxes, coffee cans, bottles and more.

In my house we try to reuse everything, especially those plastic containers that you get when you buy sandwich meat or butter/margarine containers.
But... My mom did an awesome thing :)

She reuse an empty Hennessy XO bottle by putting cooking oil into it! Now when we cook we use it :D

Here's a picture: (It's blurry.... and this is not meant to be any kind of an advertisement either)


How green are you?

Found a cool site, checked it out. There are some cool tips on how to be enviromentally friendly


Remember to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle :) cool


Worth WIPING for ?!?!

So this is the first post for "Green Noodles" and I want to start off with thanking you guys for visiting :)

This world is inspired by one of my Anthropology Professor,and all you need to know about her was that she's totally awesome!!!

There was a time in her class that was incredibly epic, and this was how it went:

As a class we were talking about the bone structures of monkeys and then it led to our teacher bringing up the topic of trees. She told us about how hundreds or thousands of trees were being cut down to make paper, paper towels and toilet paper each day for us to use. She then tried to convinced us that we should all use recycled toilet paper, and then told us not to worried about them(recycling centers) using used toilet paper to make new toilet paper. Okay, at this point is where it became epic and this is what she said,(I'm gonna try to quote her words the best that I can)

"It's not worth it, you know? Like cutting down a 2000 years old tree just to wipe your damn asses!!! Come on, convert to using recycled toilet paper or whatever to save these ancient trees!"


We all responded with a laugh, but it was no joke. Trees like the Giant Sequoias, which are known to be more than 3000 years old are cut down for us.I seriously gave it a thought, and it's really not worth it. Why does a tree that is filled with such an incredible history needed to be cut down for us humans? And just for what, to wipe our behinds! Such a shameful act, don't you think?! So before you use any kind of paper products, especially drawing paper (Since on theO there are many artists who uses paper to sketch or draw), think about it. Go for the recycled kind.

Thanks all, see you later and keep in mind that if you want to be a guest poster, you can pm me. Also be "Green" as you can today, even if all you did was recycled an empty plastic water bottle :D