Night creatures, Evils, Killers, Kidnappers, all the bad is with us. But the best suited for us is BLODD SUCKER.
Yea... we drink blood, that make us different then normal human, and make us stonger and seem superior...
But hey... want to know the fact?
We strugling to live too, everything is just a cover. We binded by the rules, which not favorable for weak vampires and newborn. Hates by human, hiding from hunter, keep ourself away from slavery, trying to find a place to stay.
But hey! A big event changed it all
We now live in peace, with our clan and our family, no slavery, and no hunters. Well I want to say that but, the hunters nowadays are worse and the competition amongs clans is... *sighs* Its still just a cover.
I'm a vampire, an old one known as elder. and I tell you this,everything is not as good as you saw. And I'm telling this to you young vampires, you, the one with the will of living in peace. Brace yourself to keep your freedom but be careful for a beast who always on your back, and be careful with what will others react!
This is the world where vampires born, live and death, kill or killed, hunt or hunted, eat or eaten. Let see how you'll survive...






A Prologue

I am not a vampire, I'm not a Hunter either, and i despice the lesser as much as hunters hate them. I'm the last from my Clan and I'll be your guide to survive, but before your journey begins, let me tell you another story...

It began at one night, I was a friend with Regan and her fellow clan. I knew her lover Rhage, the perv man, he was always flirting with me but i know he wasn't even serious cause he's deeply in love with Regan. I also know her sister in law, Tony, shes a tomboy and a bit arogant but shes sweet young girl. Her memories are vague cause Rhage sealed her memories for her, but appearantly she wants her memories back. That's another story...

That night we teased Tony a lot, about love, she has this werewolf called Caleb that fell in love with her, she loves him back but she wot admit it. So I made a bet with my friend when will she admit that shes fell in love. My friend said that she'll realize that she fell in love after she talks to Regan. At that point I stunt and Tony asked me about Regan, I answered her that she went missing, me and Rhage clan are looking for her but we cant find her. So with a lot of preparation we went to look Regan, Tony, Caleb and I. I left my friend at Cross's mansion, since Rhage prohibited Tony to go, so we have her to 'take care' Rhage when we go.

We have Callep in our pack, so with his superp smelling. I was a bit surprise when Tony said that she really want to find Regan and that we need to find her fast if shes in trouble. I smiled to myself and said that it's a bit funny because Tony hates Regan when she met her for the 1st time. She was glared at Regan with this "dont take my brother away" looks. We followed Regan's scent until we lost in at the same spot that our tracking crew lost her trail. But Caleb said and unexpected things
"I smelled other scent along with her scent and it went underground, do you vampires travel underground", and Tony repplied
"That weird, even though the sun can burn us, we just need to walk under the shade, no need to go underground" and I said that Regan never allowed anyoe to travel with her so the only posibility ish that oher guy is following her. Before we thought of what will we do, Caleb fall into a whole and with no other words Tony grabbed me and jump into the hole. Yes! She grabbed me, luckily i have wings with me so I can fly before i hit the ground -w-"

The scenery beyond our eyes stratled us, it was n underground prison. And Tony said
"this place feel familiar... I do know this place...", i was giving her this 'huh?!' looks when 3 figures glares at us with red eyes and shouted
"Get out"
"not without Regan!" Tony Shouted back
"Were looking for our friend, we followed her scent and it ended inside, we want to check", I said, try a peaceful way... What? What's with that looks, it's woorth to try... It didnt work tho =w="
"No one come here for 100 years" said one of the figure
"Liar!" shouted Caleb "I can smelled Regan's scent inside" , and as u expected we went to a fight 2 on three, since caleb is still young and couldnt fight much. We got further inside and another figure block our way. He's taller then the figures from before and somehow I felt something dark with this guy, we couldnt see his face, we just heard his voice and it was evil. And again he shouted
"GET OUT, you dont belong here!"
"what part of not without Regan dont u get?!", Tony shouted back at the figure, and again he went with that "no one came here over 100 years" statement, but we knew he lied. We can sense Regan just a further more inside and then her presence is gone.
"No i can still smell her, she's inside, they're tying to hide her scent", Calleb said that to us. Just after Calleb said that, that vigure laughed maniacly and said that Regan is dead, he even throws Regan favorite necklace at Tony. And he threw a sack for me that held my clan leader's head. I was having a break down and doesnt remember must, but we attacked that black figure and realized that he didnt even get any scratch. After he said that that is not his real body he gone poofed and disappear, we went inside and we found Regan's body. And yea she's dead, real dead. Before we can take her body the wall collapse, so we can't take her home with us.

That night my Clan was vanished, as my leader and my co-leader dead. And after that we went back to Cross's mansion and told the whole story to Rhage. He was having a breakdown but he can through it and he decide to search for this figure and punish him by the law. We realized that someone want the war to break so Rhage decide to contact all the clan. Years after that nothing happen, some clans start to doubt Rhage capability but other clan believed in him and still at their guards until now. And then this shocking news came, someone had killed some vampire's elder, it was a girl and after that she known as the reaper, no one knew who she is, noe what her name. Its still a mistery...

Based on my RP with Zuzu, Since it was so long I shorten it XD

Red / Reaper

Name : unknown, someone said that her name is Hime

Nickname : her friends call her Red, but the clans know her as the reaper

Race : unknown

Clan : she dont belong in any clan

Gender : Female

Age : unknown

Appearance : Red eyes, her eyes never turn back into her normal color. A short red hair with silver strokes on each side of her bangs, she has a longer bangs than her backside hair. Always wear black, black tank-top, with back jacket, black short and a pair of black boots. She wears a black chocker with

silver pandant on it.

Personality : Cold, never smile, always glare at everyhting. Speak less do more. Unfriendly... Cold hearted

Past : nothing much to remember, she just remember people chased her around and she collapsed somewhere. The next time she woke up, she was in a

beautiful room with a old man smilling beside her. He train her to be an assasin, and now shes the one that kill people for that man and his clan. She

never doubt the man's word but sometimes she thinks if this really happening. Her eyes can change into normal color, some said she had green eyes

but she never remember, her eyes are red as long as she remember. She kill at the man word and she never failed at killing her target. She assasinated

both vampires and Lessers, and she has no second thought to end hunters live.

Gifts : controls dark, and she can press her presence into nothing

Weapon : black sword that can change into a whip

Interrested in : nothing, but someone said that he saw her smiling when she watches at something

Image : coming soon

Regan Cross

Name : Regan Cross

Nickname : Regan

Race : Vampire

Clan : Cross

Gender : Female

Age : 100 (vampire age), 17 (human)

Appearance : She has a pair of a beautiful green-ish eye and brown-ish hair when shes younger, her hair and eyes turned into the color of silver when

she joined The Raven. You usually find her in red or purple. She always wear a necklace that shaped as a black cross with a bloody red stone in the

middle of it. Always wears short and a pair of black boots.

Personality : the exact opposite with Rhage. Shes cool and never trusting anyone. You will never see her smile except when shes with Rhage and her

little brother. A bit mysterious >D

Past : no one knew much about her past. The Cross family found her in a house when she was a child, they found her crying inside the house beside her

parent's corpses. The Cross family adopted her and raised her together with Rhage. She grew as an assasins ans Rhage's bodyguard, but they fall in

love and decide to get married. But... a night before their wedding she dissapear and come back 15 years later as the Co-leader of The Raven. And she

and her group support Cross family from backstage. That before the Raven gone...

Gifts : Telepathy, controls dark and a special ability to controls silver

Weapon : silver chains and knifes

Interrested in : Rhage XD, and she love forest, u can always find her on the top of the tree if she's not in her room

Image : still in progress

Rhage Cross

Name : Rhage Cross

Nickname : Rhage, Perv bro

Race : Vampire

Clan : Cross

Gender : Male

Age : 103 (vampire age), 20 (human)

Appearance : Tall, blonde, blue eyes. Ussualy seen in a formal suit when working. Love to wear white and blue. His front hair is longer than his back hair, and his back hair is spiky... If hes not in formal suit then u probably will find him in a pair of white pants, blue shirt, a daker blue jacket and a pair of blue running shoes. Wears this gold bracelet with black stone in the middle of it.

Personality : Cheerfull, too trusting, loving n caring. Yea... in simple words he is a gentle man who caring with someone else and loving his family. His bad side is he loves to flirting around. But hey he can be serious if it's about his clan and his family.

Past : Born in noble family with good position and wealth. He learned everything to be a leader, and when his father passed he gladly take over his father posistion as a clan leader and changed the slavery rules. Now his clan living in harmony with human. He dont have a will to be a leader before, but when he found out he has a lost sister, he changed her mind. Three years after he becames a leader he found info about her sister and he rescued her from the Pendragon. The elder kept his sister because she have a unique ability that noone knows until today. He found his sister in a bad state, so he decided to seal her memories, but well yea the seal is broken and now he have a bad relationship with his sister. And now he lost his lover...

Gifts : mind manipulating, controls fire

Weapon : silver sword

Interrested in : female (obviously XD), ending the slavery rules, protect his

Image : coming soon

CLAN's Rules

There 4 vampire clan:

(-) 1st ish Cross's Clan
This clan againts slavery and the calmest clan among the 4 clan. Their only rules is to treat everyone as equals. They even have some human to work along, sometimes the human are being their blood source or just a bussiness partner. Lead by the youngest head clan ever.

(-) 2nd is Pendragon's Clan
Oldest clan among the clan. And it filled by elders vampires. Keeps the old rules that the newborn shall be a slave. The strongest clan among the 4, because they held the ancient magic.

(-) 3rd is Viper's Clan you already guessed. It named by the Clan leader. The rules is the stonger you are the better position you'll get. This clan is the youngest clan but everyone believe that they're the 2nd strongest clan, bacase they filled by the bast fighter

(-) 4th ish Anasso's Clan
This is a mysterious clan, some said that they the one who provided blood for lesser and kidnappind human. But no one can proof this. They call, their leader as The Anasso. The rules is weaks are trash and no words againts anasso.