Rhage Cross

Name : Rhage Cross

Nickname : Rhage, Perv bro

Race : Vampire

Clan : Cross

Gender : Male

Age : 103 (vampire age), 20 (human)

Appearance : Tall, blonde, blue eyes. Ussualy seen in a formal suit when working. Love to wear white and blue. His front hair is longer than his back hair, and his back hair is spiky... If hes not in formal suit then u probably will find him in a pair of white pants, blue shirt, a daker blue jacket and a pair of blue running shoes. Wears this gold bracelet with black stone in the middle of it.

Personality : Cheerfull, too trusting, loving n caring. Yea... in simple words he is a gentle man who caring with someone else and loving his family. His bad side is he loves to flirting around. But hey he can be serious if it's about his clan and his family.

Past : Born in noble family with good position and wealth. He learned everything to be a leader, and when his father passed he gladly take over his father posistion as a clan leader and changed the slavery rules. Now his clan living in harmony with human. He dont have a will to be a leader before, but when he found out he has a lost sister, he changed her mind. Three years after he becames a leader he found info about her sister and he rescued her from the Pendragon. The elder kept his sister because she have a unique ability that noone knows until today. He found his sister in a bad state, so he decided to seal her memories, but well yea the seal is broken and now he have a bad relationship with his sister. And now he lost his lover...

Gifts : mind manipulating, controls fire

Weapon : silver sword

Interrested in : female (obviously XD), ending the slavery rules, protect his

Image : coming soon