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Yet another draw process

I'll exacerbate you with this kind of posts forever because I can! MUAHAHAHAH! Linear...

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Story WIP

Hi everybody, first of all thank you for all the gifts and dedication and stuff! It was really appreciated! The first week of my 24 years old life it's been quite crappy to be frank, but NO moaning and complaining, as there are lot of people with ...

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Doodles & Sketches Relocation

Just wanted to let you know that I've moved all my sketches, doodles request and similar stuff to my "Draft" section, to leave my gallery for the most complete pieces. So you can still find the doodles I made for you people there, don't worry about it! I will post my future doodles there too, since it still gives a notification on everybody backroom, so you won't have problems finding it! so yeah that's it.

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New art supply + Doodles

My mother bought me some marvelous art supply as an early present for my incoming birthday, and it's just everything oh so delicious looking to use! I chose some faber castel ...

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I'm a sick piggie.

Just let you know that today I wanted so badly to get to the first three doodles since I had a completely free day off, but in a couple of hours I got really sick, I almost fell on the floor passing out and I looked like a corpse, with white skin ...

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