So, since I'm bored n my bf is away atm so no one to entertain me i decided to make a post...
Yeah its about school.
For me, it starts next week and i don't really feel even a little bit to go there...
Like, every year b4 it starts i missed it a bit or i had a feeling that it starts at least...and this year none of both ._.
Only thing that keeps reminding me of it is that they keep mentioning it on the radio here.
Hmm, when I think of it now, I'm not even ready properly for it.. like I don't have all books I should n I don't feel ready...*sighs*
Idk... I don't feel like finishing the vacations.. It's nice to be lazy o3o

Hmm, today as by my dentist. She strained my braces so my teeth hurt once again.
Cant eat n chew anything hard :/
Will pass soon I guess..

Wow... Popeye is on the TV (some kids channel) .. an really ugly cartoon... never got why he n the girl are so ugly drew etc..oh well.

That's it, I'm blank now...and sleepy :3

So.. night people :3