Okay, so here's the deal! I created this out of sheer boredom! This is a place where I post random hilarious pictures just for fun. Yup. Just for fun. With the world going to hell, responsibilities pilling up, and so many things that makes us stressed, it's not hard to become cynical and jaded and it's easier to forget how to laugh once in a while. It shouldn't have to be. So this is where I'll post some funny pictures and videos for comedy, not necessarily to escape from the realities we face, but to help connect with your humor and liberating yourself and have a good laugh. There's too many parasitic people in this sick world and life is too short to not forget the times when you were happy. Take your mind off some things temporarily and remember to never forget that inner child... mines in my belly... :3

Some of the content will not be safe for work or for anyone under the age of 14, so enter with caution and I'll leave it up to you to judge that.

Baby hawks fighting

D'awww (I haven't posted on here in so long omg)

Fireworks fail

Don't get killed this weekend and be safe!

character guessin game



WTF (Ignore Hitler)

External Image

Found this on tumblr today.

There's a whole site dedicated to these drawings.

Definitely WTF worthy.

Weeaboo stories

I've been reading these:

lmfao omg. I'm so glad I haven't had a horror happen to me like this. I've never been to a con, the only manga I own is the full Death Note series and a few outliers that I've never managed to complete, and I already went through my weeb phase in the 7th grade. But I've never said stupid shit like "kawaii" and "desu" in public, nor do I claim that anything Japanese is better or argue about "ships" or whatever. This is just a new level of wtf. I still enjoy anime. I haven't been watching recently though, it's a once in a while thing for me now and I come back to this site because of all the awesome people. But damn, I hope I never run into a weeaboo at a con if I ever go to one.