From Katsu to Tumblr

Well hello, sorry for not posting anything in such a long time!! (although most of you probably have your hands full with all the great posters here at theO, leading me to wonder if this is ever going to be read)
Anyway something interesting happened...
1. I registered for Katsucon (Anime convention in the DC area)
2. I've decided to get a Tumblr soon
So... well firstly I have no idea if anyone cares about/is going to Katsucon since I dunno where most of you actually live XD But it would be cool if someone else from theO was going too ^^ As for the Tumblr thingy, if you want to PM me with your Tumblr username/URL or reply to this with it I really want to follow all of you as soon as I get an account!! ^^
Hope you all have had an awesome time, hopefully I'll see you on Tumblr when I get one!