Welcome to my world!! muhahahah yes its not a dream I have made a world.I will only say this once if you value your life then read my world or else well I always have my swords*cleans swords,guns etc*lol I think you get the picture.I think you will enjoy my world very much since its a matter of life or deathXD.

Which is better?

@.@ is the text readable and which is better the brown/black outline or the pinky white one.


Hey everyone! its my last exam tomorrow.Today didn't go very well hope i pass T.T.Anyways Tomorrow Islamiyat please pray i get good marks and wish me luck also :3 cause i will need all the help i can get xD.Ok gtg study time bye all!

My head @.@

My head is spinning right round right round @.@ yeah i got a headache >.> i had it since last night i took medicine and when i woke up this morning it was still there -.-.Anyways hopefully it goes away >.>.Well i am not sure what to write anymore @.@.See ya guys!

@.@ Leo

Man i was looking for avatars and i remembered Beast Master xD Leo @.@ i feel like i am in love with this manga and leo lol leo is so cute >.> Just to show you <.< how much of a cutie plus epic awesome hawty he is xD here is a page i loved when i read @.@ (he looks so H_t >.< i could hug him).Oh and before you see it yes i am trying to make you a fan also xD.Oh and leo is the one in center frame the one hugging or holding the girl x3

T^T I JUST LOVE THIS MANGA! AND YUIKO AND LEO(i am in a hyper happy mood xD)Oh yeah leo to the rescue x3 so cute

One of the hardest papers T.T

Well tomorrow is one of my most hardest papers HISTORY T.T.Plus we got guests coming over which makes my time to study less :S so i am worried but i am gonna give it my all after the guests leave >.>(i think there here should go down).O always have a very hard time finishing history paper >.< hope i can manage my time and do a good paper.Well i am off to down stairs and meet guests and later study.Wish me luck guys and pray i get good marks >.< this is one paper i will need all the help in the world for.Well see ya!