Welcome to my world!! muhahahah yes its not a dream I have made a world.I will only say this once if you value your life then read my world or else well I always have my swords*cleans swords,guns etc*lol I think you get the picture.I think you will enjoy my world very much since its a matter of life or deathXD.


O____O I..........................HAVE 101 SUBSCRIBERS!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUHAHAHA XD YAY ME YAY ME LONDON TIPTON STYLE xD.HAHA sorry i was just to happy when i saw 101 subs xD its like a beautiful dream x3.Well thanks everyone for subbing to me!!!!!!! You guys are all awesome xD.Well i think i have expressed my crazy happiness enough.See ya!


Which is better?

@.@ is the text readable and which is better the brown/black outline or the pinky white one.


Hey everyone! its my last exam tomorrow.Today didn't go very well hope i pass T.T.Anyways Tomorrow Islamiyat please pray i get good marks and wish me luck also :3 cause i will need all the help i can get xD.Ok gtg study time bye all!

My head @.@

My head is spinning right round right round @.@ yeah i got a headache >.> i had it since last night i took medicine and when i woke up this morning it was still there -.-.Anyways hopefully it goes away >.>.Well i am not sure what to write anymore @.@.See ya guys!