Welcome to my world!! muhahahah yes its not a dream I have made a world.I will only say this once if you value your life then read my world or else well I always have my swords*cleans swords,guns etc*lol I think you get the picture.I think you will enjoy my world very much since its a matter of life or deathXD.

Secret xD

rofl roflxD this is the best secret in the worldxD.lol watch it all and you will find out XD.If this doesn't make you laugh i don't know what willxD.I just had to post it after chee told me i shouldxD after i showed it to chee.So watch it and tell me did you like the secretxD.

p.s if it had any bad words sorry i forgot it had ._.

Going good

Haha the contest is going pretty well i already got a few entries in^^.Thanks for joining in guys.If you commented on contest and i haven't replied it its because of the stupid warning that i can't do 4 consecutive comments or posts >.> so sorry i will reply as soon as it lets me.


I am really sorry guys. I forgot to send so many of you invites >.< i had such a long list and just forgot so many in between.Well i sent as many of you guys pms as i could by my hands are starting to hurtXD. So here is the link guys http://www.theotaku.com/cards/challenges/view/286 again really sorry i forgot hope you all join.


HAHA i made mt first contest booyeah xD.You guys better join XD.Be sure to tell me what you guys think over at the contest page.See yeah there!!

T.T Sorry

TTT.TTT I feel so sorry right now.I went into the bathroom to wash my hands and i think i stepped on a frog :X and when i got out i saw it hopping out and all bloody and its neck was cut and things were comings out of it X.X.Also blood i felt so sorry though i am pretty much scared of frogs like them beings near me or such but i was so saddened that why did i step on him even if it might have been by mistake i hope i didn't and it was injured from before but that's a less likely chance.I just feel so bad seeing in how much pain he must be in since he is still alive and all that is happening to it.I just hope Mr.Frog forgives me.Now its out of the house i just hope either it dies a painless death or survives.........