Welcome to my world!! muhahahah yes its not a dream I have made a world.I will only say this once if you value your life then read my world or else well I always have my swords*cleans swords,guns etc*lol I think you get the picture.I think you will enjoy my world very much since its a matter of life or deathXD.

Click it

Hey guys, Lol yes I know its been ages since a posted in this little dust bunny filled world of mine(tackles bunnies away)TwT bunnies.... Ahem anyways, >> back to the topic :3

First off, I want to say sorry to everyone who pmed me or commented on something of mine and I didn't reply back. I have been very busy with my cousins, collage, etc and didn't get the chance to reply but I did read them all. TwT I am so sorry again, I wanted to reply so bad DX

Secondly, I will come on and check updates, etc but due to mocks coming up after my vacations, I might not be as regular as I usually am and a little late in replying to you all. So again I apologize before hand. I will try my best to give quick replys :3 and finish my prep quick and get time to come on like normal xD

Lastly and most importantly....Be warned....for you are about to witness something epic-tastic yet... Well you will understand the rest once you click it but remember, you were warned! there is no going back... after you have seen the not to be seen drum sti...>> I think i will stop there and not ruin the suspense. CLICK EET, if you dare mwhahahahahaha (shot) >o>. Sorry I love building the suspense x3. Enjoy! :3 (evilly laughs away)

TwT switch!

Gahhhhh, hey guys TwT well most of you must be thinking, Switch? O.o the on/off one? Lol No, your dead wrong xD (tho I would have guessed that too *shot*) >o>. Anyways, I have recently started watching a new show on Animax, Sket dance. Man 1 word hilarious xD I am really loving it so far, but I have to say to find out the background story of one of the main side characters Switch. It made me teary DX I would have cried if not for my family getting back from their walk. You know you see a funny weird character and you suspect a sad background to a certain extent but I never expected this. TwT Switch, gah must resist urge to type spoiler >> (slaps self). Ok I am good xD( I resisted~! woooooo *shot*), Man but I have to say, if this is Switch's background, what is gonna be the main's DX? lets not forgot the other main side, Onihime. I have a feeling I am gonna be writing another post out of laughter or depression again soon enough xD.

Lol A piece of advice to all, Firstly when your watching a funny show expect the most saddening episodes to follow soon enough. Secondly, when you have a cold with a running nose, Don't watch a sad episode. It won't end well for you or the tissue box lol.

I think I should stop now before I get the urge again to spoil just a lil tiny bit >> So bye bye guys for now xD (starts to go poof)

Madness? O.o

Lol Hey guys, hows it going and what not??? ^^ Anyways as the topic says @@ its madness right now for me. Yesterday I woke up late around 11: 40 am type and so I got started on studying at around 12:15 pm, I had basically 20 chapters to cover, no option TwT since we got no option in our paper. Anyways, I started then and studied till 7 am in the morning..... xD yes 7 am xD Lol and then I woke up at around 11 am xD and am back to studying so ya basically my brain is going to explode after my exams are over xD. Hopefully I can manage to finish my chapters by 9 pm or earlier if possible TwT though I think it will most likely be till 12 or maybe late at night >>. Gah DX I hope my psychology paper goes well, its tomorrow around 8 or 9 in the morning @@ have to check that >o>. Anyways, Just wanted share my crazy studying with u guys xD. Well, I should go now and study again =w=. Wish me luck guys and pray my paper goes awesome >:O cause I am gonna need all the help I can get xD. I am counting on ya guys! see ya for now and have fun^^.

p.s thanks for all the comments and support on the last paper ^^ It really got me motivated ^^ Thanks again guys!


Hey guys, just came to make a quick post and then rush out xD. Some you already know and for those who don't, I got my final exams starting tomorrow, So I am super busy with studies 24 hours for 10 to 11 days till they finish. But I will still come and visit when I take my breaks @@. Lol Anyways, just came to say, Wish me luck guys and pray for me xD cause I am going to need it TwT. Hopefully everything goes well ^^. Well I gotta head out now. Must go solve another paper xD (practice bla). Have fun guys ^^ and good luck to everyone else to whose also got exams.(goes poof ~~!)

p.s xD I am sorry for any grammatic mistake etc etc, I just posted and run off ~! so ya xD bye bye again and sorry

Strange or not xD

Lol Hey guys, long time no post/see xD. How have ya guys been?! what have ya been upto? My exams finished a few weeks ago and I am enjoying the freedom somewhat xD But I got alot to catch up in school so blah ~w~ lol. Anyways, i just finished reading this manga I had started well actually I finished 5 or so and this was either my 6th or 5th i think @.@ no clue xD Anyways as I was saying, before starting the manga I saw everyone wrote in google and in the mangas threads on the website that it had a bad ending and what not, like the worst ever in the history of endings lol. I know sounds extreme and that's what I thought to "what the hell is gonna happen to make everyone react like this?" (makes you wanna see it no?). At first I thought I should skip it and not depress myself over a bad ending but I still decided to go through it since the story seemed amusing and the main girls transformation was pretty nice(don't wanna give spoilers so not saying xD). Anyways I went through it quick and already prepared myself for the worst ending from the get go, but to be honest O.o I found it good. I mean, I sort of predicted this would happen in the end (from the mangekas way of doing things) sure it would have been the opposite if it was any other manga but the way the author didn't stop the confusion over which person she would pick earlier on, it started to become in a way something bond to happen I think(but you can never be sure) but seriously everyone was over reacting to such a degree for no reason xD It makes me laugh a little and at the same time feel sad for the writer. The ending was good, I totally understand why many ppl were devastated by it but still its not that bad to the point you say its a waste of time reading it or something that extreme xD. Even tho the other guy was better I suppose =w= (I liked him actually and would have liked the mains and his pairing more) but still. Anyways just wanted to talk about it a little about it with ya guys( >> U mean alot *shots clone*) >O>. @.@ Makes me think I must be super strange if I am the only one who accepted the ending without such disappointment xD (then again I was prepared) lol not sure, what do you guys think xD? If the main character picks cute and innocent over handsome and protector, would you be mad? am I strange to accept it xD? Let me know and sorry for ranting so much xD

p.s you guys might have read it cutexguy lol just thought I would mention the name just incase. Oh and I will edit the mistakes later =w= if any when I get time so I apologies for them if any.