Welcome to my world!! muhahahah yes its not a dream I have made a world.I will only say this once if you value your life then read my world or else well I always have my swords*cleans swords,guns etc*lol I think you get the picture.I think you will enjoy my world very much since its a matter of life or deathXD.

Pressure on the rise

Its as the title says, my physics exam is tomorrow and the pressure is on. I just hope I do good and finish everything in time^^, I literally always get short on time DX ( hits self) >o> must think positive.... gah DX(shot).TOT anyways, wish me luck guys and be sure to pray for me ^^ cause we all know I am gonna need all the help I can get >> (is facepalmed at by clone) Wha its true >O>. I think I should stop my senseless jabbering @.@ studying all day long really rials ones brain up. Well I gtg for now guys, hope it all goes well ^^ bye bye now guys.Missing you all loads :3

Notice :O

Hey guys, ya I know ._. hearts alive what a shocker~!(dodges pie) >o> wha. lol Anyways, I got a chance to drop by and thought I should let you guys know that I have my exams coming up and due to which I will be inactive for around a month or so. At most if I get a chance I will stop by to a make a quick post, read up on your comments as a motivator or just simply check out what everyone's upto :3. So ya, sorry if I haven't been active these past weeks guys as you can see I was busy with studies and what not. Well, anyways apart from all that I just wanted to say hi to everyone and ask how you guys are doing? and apologize for not replying to your comments ^^" sorry espacially panou T_T sorry I didn't thank you for that great fanart T^T (gives pie to panou for pieing and is shot) >O>.

OH and I almost forgot, a friend of mine and my junior in school just joined the otaku! xD (cough) after much motivation >> (dodges shot) jk xD or was I O.o ( creepy music plays and is shot again) Lol sorry I just couldn't resist putting in a twist xD. Anyways, everyone be sure to go give a warm welcome and helping hand to pijugo and do check her fanart out ^^ shes a great artist in my opinion esp for someone who just started 4 months ago or so(you should see the sketches she has in her sketch book at school ._.).

Gah I gtg for now guys, See ya and be sure to let me know how your doing ^^.

2nd down xD

Lol Hey all yet again xD, and yes I will update almost after each exam xD Well todays exam went well I think I was so demoralized and was like It didn't go bad right? DX It went good right T.T?? cause the paper was confusing somewhat and a rare unexpected one >> they gave a question they hadn't for like 4 or 5 years If I am correct etc etc @.@ but I discussed the answers I wrote to each question(apart from the one I aced >:D I think >o> inshallah OwO) with my dad and he said I did great and not to worry :3 So I am relieved now somewhat xD Hopefully I did good in it and get good marks ^^.Anyways tomorrows my next exam and nows its past 12 XD so I gotta sleep cause its early. So see ya all and again pray loads for me so I get awesome marks x3. Missing ya loads guys :3

1 down

Hey guys, just got back from my first final exam ^^. Gotta say it went great but then I start thinking did I pick the write topic? I didn't get off topic in the middle of my composition right? TwT and there goes my confidence >.>. Well I suppose what was done is done and I have to have confidence that I did great ^^. Well anyways xD I just hope I keep thinking that way and don't turn tense again after a few mins xD. Gah I should go sleep and then study for my other exam tomorrow. Well I gotta run now guys but remember xD pray loads for me so I get great/awesome grads, Inshallah^^.See ya then and again missing ya all loads x3(huggies ya all).


Hey guys, I don't got much time just a few mins ^^ so I will say it quick and be out. Tomorrow's my exam and I just wanted to say wish me luck and pray loads that I get awesome marks ^^. Well I am off now gotta go study 1 more hour and then sleep since the exam is pretty early tomorrow. Missing ya all loads guys, see ya.