Welcome to my world!! muhahahah yes its not a dream I have made a world.I will only say this once if you value your life then read my world or else well I always have my swords*cleans swords,guns etc*lol I think you get the picture.I think you will enjoy my world very much since its a matter of life or deathXD.

MutsukiXAnis kyaa~! x3

Gah I am so loving this couple xD I don't care how much there are chances of her not ending up with him(ppl say so >.> blah I think they can) its to adorable x3 I wanna huggy them both to no end x3 Yes I have gone crazy but I find them so cute xD I just love Mutsuki hehe xD I mean seriously this one sense even though sad/emotional type thing made me laugh so bad in a way xD

Anis: it hurts there doesn't it?(pokes heart spot)
Mutsuki: The only thing that hurts is you poking me there (I bet that felt like a shot to the head for Anis xD haha)
I skipped one dialog of Anis in between but still makes sense either way xD
Anyways I think I will stop now before I break the world of sanity barrier OwO

edit: GAH my brain is killing me now xD I am finding the other couple everyone likes cute now as well x3 Gah to many cute couples >.< My arms will fall off from all the hugging but oh well x3 Go Kyada(probably spelled name wrong), go mutsuki xD I am cheering for u both!

2nd edit : >> ok now I am finding the other guys hilarious as well.... = = I think which ever couple ends up together its gonna be epic xD anyways I think i broke the sanity barrier to a new extent @[email protected] blah no more edits promise

3rd edit:......yes you can shoot me now..(shot by everyone DX) T.T Sorry 1 chapter update and I am going crazy over coupling xD But gotta say the redrose and black rose would go best with anis atm @[email protected] no clue what happens in upper ahead chapters but atm those two would go best/cutested x3 with her.And Yes I am gonna run away now before the angry rant mob gets me :D (runs for it)

Sub vs dub :D

Hey guys, well as you know( or maybe you don't O:) season 2 of big wind up released a little while back. I personally love the show and can't wait to watch season 2, the only thing is I watched the first season quite a while back and i missed a few ep in between as well so I am probably gonna rewatch it. Only problem is I watched the first season in dub and to be honest it was awesome xD but as many animes sub version is usually better I just wanted to ask what you guys opinion is if you have watched the show. Should I keep to the dub or go sub( O.o someone said mehashi sounds like a granny in it >.> so ya really confused here).

Tablet opinion

Hey guys, Well I am thinking of getting a tablet x3 But since it isn't very common here I don't know which is the best one D: I searched on the net and found out wacom is a good company @[email protected] but it has so many products. So ya can you guys help me out and tell me which tablet you recommend OwO

DX Hard Exam

T.T Ya like it says today I have a hard exam >> Well I don't mind it being hard but its a 3 hour 45 min paper DX I don't wanna write for that long(am slow at doing paper too T.T).Still I hope it goes well and if i am the only kid who came to give the dang exam >> I swear I am gonna strangle someone(we had exams 2 or 3 weeks back, so like re-exams so some kids are skipping some exams).Anyways wish me luck guys and pray it goes well.Well See ya for now ^^!

p.s 3 hr 45 min DX SOMEONE SAVE ME*shot* >> I should delete this part (shot again)


Hey guys!! >:D I just realized i haven't said hi hi to so many of ya in so long :O plus i haven't posted in ages as well (Nods).So How are ya guys? What have ya been upto? :O

As for me if your wondering where I have been, You see my exams just finished like 1 or so week ago and now our school is making us give them again like 3 weeks right after them DX.So ya I got exams AGAIN on 3rd jan T.T and parents are making me study like hell for them DX.To top it off I will be starting another tuition or academy(whatever ya call it) starting jan, So my daily roteen in exams will be School(exams)->home(for like half an hour or 1 hr depending on tuition timings)->Tuition(no clue till what time atm >>)-> Other tuition (starts 6 pm and ends at 8 pm or so)-> come home and study for exam DX. Anyways I think that is enough ranting for now >> I don't wanna scare you guys off xD. Well I am off for now. See ya guys :3.Hopefully your all doing good ^^.