Welling tears build up
Failing to brim over
Sadness my only companion
In this pit of hopelessness
Can you guess where I am?
Only one place is hellish enough
So that you cannot cry nor scream
Just endure the tortures of life
This place is in your arms
You squeeze tighter and tighter
The chain in your hands choking me
No blood curdling scream will penitrate this never ending night
Only your piercing eyes will look upon me as i gasp these last breaths
Life is so patheticly short
But of course you must know for after all you did steal mine

But thats right you don't talk about that do you?!
You just smile and say "sorry"
Well thats fine
Because while you sit on your imaginary pedestool
I'm beaming up at you in awe
I mean the day you took my life you used the word "friend"
If i'm not mistaken
But when I decided that suicide is worth while
When i terminate my life
Your pedastool will crumble
Your friends will turn to dust
But you see this, oh do you, nothing escapes your notice!
So you say relationship
Once again i'm in your arms
And the chain is choking me.
I hate.....
and once again love

Will this poem end
Oh no never this will never end
Just keep going and going because i'm dead
And now you make the decisions
Will you stop this poem
My heart pulsating
Or will you continue to squeeze slowly as the life oozes from me?!
Just end it quickly is my advice I mean
I am pretty much gone
The chain squeezes
The blood flows and then.....