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today my dumbass classmate( Beth) said something that really piss me off.
"I don't understand why Sarah(an other classmate) cuts herself it's just make look gay and ugly"

excuse me as I stare at you, thinking of ways to kill you.

anyways Beth found out I'm Bi. she kept asking why do I like both Girl and Guys. her told why.
she left me be.

If I was your angel chapther 1

there a awful Fanfic that I wrote
If I was your Angel
Chapter 1: Meet the Angel

The two sat alone waiting. “Yo, Cas? You ok?” asked the older of the two. “Yeah,…I’m fine, Bobby.” Cas Winchester sat alone with Bobby Singer. they hunted Monsters for a living. they sat alone waiting for Cas’s little brother, Sam. The small room while they were stay In, Cas looked at the down, he was dead…but he’s live…he got sent to hell but why is he still here? “are you sure you did it right?” asked Cas.

Bobby glare at him. Cas took it as a ‘Yes’. Before he could ask anything else the windows began to shatter across the room. Bobby cover his ears in pain. Cas look at his friend confused. He didn’t hear anything “Bobby?” “Cas Winchester.” He heard. “STOP!” Cas heard bobby yell.

“Cas? Can you hear me?” ask the voice. “Yes! But Stop your hurting Bobby!” said Cas looking up the sky. “OH? Very well.” Said the voice. Bobby fell to his knees “Bobby!” “Cas what was that?” Bobby never looked so scared. “I don’t know.” “Hello, Cas.” Bobby and Cas turn to see a man wearing a suit. “Hello, Cas.” He said again this time with a smile.

“Who are you? “Asked Cas standing up from Bobby’s side “I’m the one drag your ass from hell. Your welcome.” “He ask who are you.” Bobby try to stand but was to weak. “Bobby, please stay down I don’t to hurt any more then I just did.” The man sat down on a now broken chair. “I am Destiel. My human name is Dean. But please call me Destiel.” Destiel’s smile got bigger as Sam walks in to the room. “Hello, Sammy.” Sam stopped “Hey it’s you!”

“Sam, who or what is this?” ask Cas “Remember when mom use to tuck us in bed? And she’ll say ‘You have angels watching over you’ ?” Cas nodded yes. “Well please meet our Angel” Cas and Bobby looked at the ‘Angel’. “Your Ma…Mary…she was a nice woman…she promise me you, Cas” Cas gasps before saying “You lying Dog! Angels don’t exist!” “you should in hell!” Bobby and Sam looked confused. “But you’re not, are you? Know why, Cas? Because Sammy cried when you died! He beg for someone to help you!”

Destiel looked deep into Cas’s eyes “I waited for you Cas…for you to pray for someone to help you! I WAITED, CAS! BUT YOU NEVER CALLED…NOT EVEN ONCE!” “Why? Why would angel help me?” “ out of all these people in my father’s world…My Father told me ‘Destiel, Find a human friend.’ So when I heard of Mary’s wish…She wanted angel to watch over her Son…personal Jackpot!” “Jackpot?” Sam asked

“Yeah…I met Mary…she promise me you…I here to protect you whether you like it or not!” The light in the room began go on and off. In between flashes Cas saw wings behind Destiel. “I’ll See you Later, Cas!” a pure white light began to form around Destiel.

Cas, Sam, and Bobby cover their eyes form the holy light. “WAIT!” “Save your breath!” Destiel was gone. “Cas?” Bobby put his hand on Cas’s shoulder. “Mom promises me to him?” “Cas…you ok?” Sam warps his arm around his old brother.” Cas… Don’t listen to him. Mom loved you.”

Mean while

Destiel’s wings beat against his body. “I can’t let Cas get hurt this time…I just can’t.” Destiel closed his eyes and think back to when Cas Winchester the human was Castiel the Angel.

When He, Destiel was Dean Winchester, the son of John Winchester and Mary Winchester, brother of Sam Winchester. He remembers Cas save him from hell. Now it’s his turn to save Castiel…but not as Dean Winchester, he was dead, but as the angel, Destiel the angel.

“Dean?” he turns to another Angel who was behind him “Hello, Michael.” He said in a low tone. “Well, Dean…you became an Angel, Eh?” Michael smiled weakly. “Yup, It’s weird, ya know?” Destiel’s wings began to change from a white to a gray “Dean? Who are you, now?”

Michael crosses his arms. “Hello!” said Destiel. Michael’s eye went wide. “My Name is Destiel! My human name is Dean, but please call me Destiel” he said with a smile. “Dean…what happen?” “I died… so did Sammy so did Cas…Someone…was nice to me…he said ‘Become angel…and I’ll save them.’

So I become an Angel…Watching over Sam and Cas…Bobby…Mom…Dad. Everyone I once loved!” Destiel wing went from gray to black “Dean your wings!” “I TOLD YOU! MY NAME IS DESTIEL!” Yell Destiel as he disappears. “DEAN!” Yelled Michael. “No, Dean what happen to you?” he asked himself.

So that’s my fanfic…awful I know but it the best I can do. If your confused. The show it called “Supernatural” Castiel is a angel Dean is the human…This my version of them meeting if Dean was an angel and Castiel was human.

this is Dean/Destiel in his white winged form

would it be ok?

hi guys? what's up? anyways guys a friend ask me to write Fanfic.so I'm wondering if I could post it here my world? if I could, could you guys poof read it tell me where I went wrong?


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