Hey! I go by Zoey-chan! This is my world o' random! Here's my current list of animes I've seen:

Death Note (all of the episodes)

Bleach (up to chapt. 199 abouts)

Ouran High School Host Club (all of the episodes)

Tokyo Mew Mew (some episodes, all the books)

Tsubasa (books: up to chapt. 160something episodes: 1-20ish)

X/1999 (books 1-4)

Magic Knights Rayearth (books 1-2)

Gentleman's Alliance+ (books 1-2)

Rosario + Vampire (books 1-4)

Oh My Goddess (books 1-2)

Fruits Basket (books 1-21)

Alice 19th (books 1-2)

Tarot Cafe (books 1-4)

Bizenghast (books 1-3)

Inuyasha (episode 120something)

Azumanga Daioh (all 4 books and first few episodes)

Yotsuba&! (books 1-5)

Yu-Gi-Oh! [original] (books 1-6)

Dragon Drive (books 1-2)

Peach Fuzz (first book only)

Bride of the Water God (first book only)

Dorothy of Oz (first book only)

Mark of the Sucubus (books 1-2)

There's probably a few more that I can't remember... Oh well! Thanx for visiting, enjoy the randomness and beware of sudden rants!

Random Pic: Cannon Yaoi, FTW. ^_^ Because, yes, we all know KuroFai is cannon. The anime totally screwed it up throwing in the episode with Chi...

Random video: MY VERY FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO! Okay, so it's KuroFai, and so it's just a bunch a pics, BUT WHO CARES?! WATCH IT! The original video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LarRwbmH8wM where you can/should subscribe, rate, comment.

See you around!


HALP! I was trapped in reality! ;A;

Sorry I was gone guys. I meant to post about it before I left but procrastinated to much and it never got out.

Last week I was out of country. Yes, I live in the US of A, and went to Italy and Greece with a school trip. I JUST got back last night. And... and... EUROPE Y U NO HAVE FREE WIFI AT EVERY CAFE AND HOTEL?! D<

Yeah... T_T so there was a ridiculous amount of couples and relationships being built. In fact, I swear to gog if my two friends don't get together officially, i.e. if he doesn't ask her out, me and my other friend are staging an intervention and FORCING HIM.

Anyway, I'm back now... Anything big I missed? I'm checking roleplays right now.


Roleplay Idear!

Hey, y'all! The Angels vs. Demons roleplay that I decided to go with is up and ready for members! It's under the War of the Fa||en world! ^-^ I had it under private for a while because I knew it would take me a WHILE to set up(which it did). All the information is out there~



Now that I do or do not have your attention: I HAVE A HOMESTUCK ROLEPLAY AND AM IN DESPERATE SEARCH FOR MEMBERS! ;A; currently, it's only myself and Shom, and I SWEAR TO ALL THE HORRORTERRORS YOU CAN AND CANNOT NAME that we are both literate! TT^TT For both human and troll fan characters.

PPLLEEAAZZEE JOIN! =( It's under my world Housebound.

*falls on knees and kisses your feet*



Okay so if you are not ENTIRE COMPLETELY UP TO DATE ON HOMESTUCK IGNORE THIS POST BECAUSE MAJOR SPOILERS. Ahem. So. <.< >.> >:] OMIGOGDIRKANDJAKE! >///////////////////////////////< I w...

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Roleplay idears?

Yes, so I want another roleplay of my own. ^-^ I'm probably going to delete the Alice Dream to my own grief, because the only person I've heard from on there is Poochy (who I shall lover forever and ever~ <3)

And the Homestuck roleplay has been sitting a while. I have some interest, but only one official member. T_T I'm going to leave it be, though, because I'm really determined for that one. >.<

So~ Here are some other ideas. I want to see if anyone would join these:

Warriors RP-
As in the Erin Hunter series, with the cats. You don't need to know much besides it's cats that live in the wild. The wiki and other people can tell you enough about lingo and structure. I've done this on some forums, and it's a hit or miss thing (but then again, that's most forum roleplays... -_-U illiterate retar- I MEAN JESUS LOVES YOU WUT?). It'd only be one new clan, not any of the originals.

Neko/Furry RP-
The typical Nekos or Furry roleplay, half cat or half animal people verses scientists and humans that don't always like them. Or want to use them for one reason or another. Really not a hard plot line. Probably throw in half neko/furry, half robotic spies, too. To make more interesting villains. =3

Angels vs. Demons RP-
Basically focused on love and war. Angels and Demons disguise themselves as humans, and fight an age long fight on earth. The few mortals that get swept up often don't know what's happening until something blatantly obvious comes out. Angels and Demons can fall in love by accident while looking for each other (it's a big planet!), and Human-Immortal pairings are also possible. However, relations with demons have consequences. Angels fall, humans can loose their soul if they are too trust worthy, or even if the love is returned, they often become what are called "half fallens", humans with demonic powers, only able to be beaten by angels. Usually they loose themselves, sometimes even forgetting the demon they fell in love with. I'll elaborate better if you ask.

That's all I'll present for now to avoid overwhelming anyone. If I come up with something I REALLY just can't hold in, I'll tell you~