Welcome to my hell. its a warm place i like to come from time to time
wont you join me for a bit?

hmmm...*pokes head in* hi?

When was the last time i was even here?
i should start coming back into this talking to everyone...
ive missed this
so much has changed sooo much
lets see if i get back into this
missed you guys

Hey everyone im back!

hey everyone? how have you been? im doing alright .
just been down ya know? havent noticed that i havent been here or on DA s sorry but here i am now!! <3
might work on some art but ya never know lol umm yeah im about to head off to work so this is going to be short!
ill touch base with you all later love you guys
!take care!

Hey Everyone im doing better?

I want to thank everyone for their comments on my last post! *hugs*

chihiroyin*SmallxLady*Zuzu Uchiha*Hifsa

just wanted to give them a small shout out they rock.

uhg i was okay Friday Friday was a day that i didnt cry at work.even when he came in for his shift, he said hi and all i did was snort at him i didnt know what to say than i left for the day my shift was over. than i met up with my one firend and we hung out at a pizza place, making me eat heh i wasnt that hungry but we talked for maybe 3 hrs we where soo loud in there.
so firday was no real tears

but yesterday was on and off thinking and crying and trying to clean and stuff and listing to music so much music. trying to get the courage up to go back over to his house i have half a dozen things that i need to get from thare like all my pillows all my damn pillows... i loved at his house for atleast 4 out of the 5 years. god now im crying again... blah and 2 desk top computers and small crap and its just like i dont wanna see him cuz i bet it will hurt? than i bet ill cry more and i think that makes me look soo weak nd than it will be in fount of him and wtf i dont need that feeling sorry for me .... now im just rambling hahaha....

well today is sunday and im going to try and clean more and how knows might write some more i have been writing might out some of that up.... havent been up for making anything else but ya never know!

ill talk to you all later

i just dont know anymore

everythings falling apart
iv been crying since 3 am this moring vary un rational for me but
i was with him for 5 years and he brakes up with me on Christmas i just dont know... hehe u didnt like Christmas before and now this!

im realy trying to make light of the situation but im failing HARD at it.... just listing to music beofore slowly try to head off to work one place i rather not be i really dont want to go to work its going to BE so hard.
i never realy talked about him cuz hes not a memeber on here and ya know jjust randomly talking about someones not cool idk i dont know anything anymore
i thought i was going to marry him ya know?

i dont think this is even making any sense haha.... and now imm going to work yay me... *hugs* i just needed to write so yeah ill see you all later? maybe i dont feel like doing anything right now

music that i have been listing too so sad like me

Hows everyone? [updates yay]

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Hello everyone how is everything going?
i have been so tired and its been just crazy im trying to get ready for Xmas but i rather just forget about this whole mouth hahah! like skip to January.
Uhggg working on my SS gifts!
do we ust give the gift and post them once we are done? lol

not to much to say i know but i want everyone to know i am here :D

also quick question do you think i should update my world? like new intro art just thought about that ^__^

~ttul take care~