Hello!!!! Welcome to the new world I've world created! To start off, I'll tell you about my life on the otaku...

  • I am an artist (go check out my portfolio)
  • I love giving helpful tips
  • I created this world after one of my friends dcided she might quit doing lineart
  • I gave her tips and changed her mind
  • I'm very happy she changed her mind
  • When it comes to my responsibility as an artist, I'm pretty lazy (it just seems too much work for me to upload, adjust, edit, add on here, etc.)
  • I love inspiration (my friends tend to help me with that)
  • I don't like it when people cuss (if you do you will not be allowed to be on this world)
  • you can say crap, nothing worse than that!

I give only my super duper friends on here guest posters, so be nice to me! so far the ones that have guest posterss right now are....

  • Sakura Kokoro
  • LuckyChan 101
  • Jigoku Sakura
  • pilar

Enjoy the site! If you have a question, go to the FAQ on this world, just click comments and type away!


Great tutorial for making lineart~

Anyways, I was searching on how to make lineart in Photoshop, for the thousandth time, and stumbled upon a youtube vid on how to make them~~ It's really great, I can finally see how people manage to do it, and I'm getting the hang of it~

It's really helpful and I hope this helps those who, like me, needs help on perfecting lineart~

Mr. Inferior~

There's an otaku member that is going around insulting member's art/wallpapers, his name: imsuperior ((iminferior, is more like it~))

Already he's insulted zapexme's art, one of my wonderful, artist friends~ He's used a lot of profanity words on wallpaper makers and just insults people's work when most people would tell them what to improve on~

Just go his guestbook and see the horrible things he's said about the members who've replied back at him~

He's disrespectful and needs to get banned, please spread the word, and help us get Adam/any of the other staff to ban him from theotaku~

((Like what animelover7310 has told me, to get him to not be able to reply to you or your work, go to your Account and add his name to the privacy list, so he won't be able to bother you~))

Just report him/her, don't sign their gb for any reason~

SK's Way of Coloring~

Fishy-chan said I should post this up in here, I tried it but, the file was too big...so I'll just add the links~~

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Thanks for staying around~~

I made this basic tutorial for those who want to learn how to color using photoshop, or if you're curious on how I do it~

:A request for zapexme:

Style 101 ^3^ Part 1

Okay i know that there are some of you people who are having some MAJOR trouble in trying to create the perfect outfit for your character and cant seem to find the one! Well have no fear! Because i have the tips that can help you create awesome outfits every time~!! As to some of you who have seen my work my outfits specifically say something about the character~! Which is one way to create the perfect outfit! As well as drawing the outfit appropriately. (well i really don't know how to describe it) Like for example if u wanna draw patterns on it make sure it doesn't go all over the place which makes the character look disfigured and unattractive to look at they'll go "@[email protected] wuz dat?" which leads to criticisms! Bad ones, if u you what im saying. Even drawing frills and such will do the same thing as well if you don't draw with care. Mostly the important thing before drawing the outfit and such onto ur OC you first have to the OC's body parts and sketch out their hair don't go to the details yet or else it'll be one huge mess~!
to be continued~!!

Emergancy quick tip!

When drawing, write your ideas on a peice of paper including poses, eyes, hair and clothing while doing this go to the internet for inspiration, but I dont reccomend the tv, the tv can take your focus off what you're doing and can make it hard to get back into it. But if your yuor drawing is frustrating you watch tv, go on the computer or do stuff that will keep your mind off it. Remember these tips and dont forget our FAQ!!!!