Welcome to the Village!

Hello! ^.^ enjoy your stay here at the village, :Here and Not There: I hope you have a good time. But first there are a few things to go over.

First off, the resdents. You can become a member and get a Village name, but only after you ask. ^.^


Angel BestDream: Angel (co-Founder)
Lazieninjafrog: The ninja frog (Meh and I ish a co-founder)
Emeraldsky: The village elder (meh sis, and a round about co-founder)
Lindin Rathin: name in progress
chokolatealkemist: The unfunneh Jester
Shred: Shred the Viking of wisdom (his warrior call is Pickles!XD)
Hunter Kaskura: Sitter On The Throne Of The Frozen Tear (meh cousin XD)
Wolf Of Sorrow: Gangsta
Amoranta: Teller of Tales
whyterave: Keeper of scrolls
If you have already joined and you do not see your name in the list, please tell me. I'll try to put up your name asap! XD

I belevie that is all.


NEW!!! in the village new paper!!!



It was just another normal day for Miss. Cat, of NorthBerry lane, when she was hit by a flying car! She was pinned up against a tree! The driver, thinking she was injured or dead, called the cops. Then after unpinning her from the tree, they found that she was flattened but unharmed. They fed her extra fluff marshmellows until she was as fluffy as she had been. She forgave the driver and even invited him over for tea. His name is Mr. Dog.

In other news,
Angel has requested that the newspaper post his comic cover. If he would give the paper the link to his picture we will be happy to post it. .^.

NEW!!! in the village new paper!!!


Ten year old, Samuel J. Fell down the NorthTown well, in the north section of the town. He was unhurt, but he was lost for two days, until Jane that lives down the road, decide to get the water and made the strange discovery.
"I went to get some water. But I heard something echoing, like a voice, so I looked in and saw a little boy's face!" says fifteen year old Jane. She soon ran home and told her mother. Her mother then called her husband and soon the whole town knew, and a rescue party insued. Twenty minutes later, "Little Sam" as his mother calls him, was rescued from the depths of the well. "Little sam say's he's just glad to be home.

In other news we find that a local, "LazieNinjaFrog" is posting some new art.
It is apparently a presant for her cousin who just turned seventeen.

Town Resident, Angel BestDream, sues for posting powers. Will he get it?
The judge will say soon.

Village News


Today there is nothing to report in the village news. I hope you all had a good day today. That will be all