My spanish class is so great, every monday, wednesday and friday my teacher makes us listen to Enrique Iglesisas (spanish singer) we vaguely know he's saying and we have a test about it tomorrow. It's gonna be great!! sucks i have no classes with any of my friends i'm pretty much a loner in all my classes. OH MY GOD!!!! I'm finally on the tenth book of the 12 book Cirque Du Freak series!! Cirque du freak is freaking awesome.....this is the only book that i like that has vampires in it...Good i like to keep it that way.


Ohhhhhhh........great.....schools starting. Why does summer have to end i love it so much!!!!.....oh well i get to see all my friends so that's cool. But i have no classes with any of them except one and only one class it freaking sucks!!!

Oh mer gerd

I bet everyone thought i was dead or something........the same day i got back from camping is the day my computer starting screwing up and being stupid. It would take like 15 minutes to load memecenter aand mangareader so i didn't feel like waiting for theotaku to load and stuff. Sooooooo for like the past 2 weeks i didn't go on the computer because i would always get mad at it for being stupid, and for a little while i didn't have internet at all. Then tomorrow i'm going to Hershey Pennsylvania with my friend lexie and her parents, it'll be awesome!!!


Me and mangalover567 are going camping in a few hours and won't be back till the 11th and then we'll be going to our friends house to spend the night with some othe friends >v< gonna be an awesome week yaaaaay!!!!


After 9 days and 80 hours later i beat pokemon white version for the DS. It was so fun even after i beat the first time....which was like months ago. The most awesome thing happened though, i freaking caught Zekrom (the rarest pokemon in the game) with a ultra ball.......not a master ball a flipping ultra ball!!!! I was just playing and stupid N told to catch Zekrom and i was like "you know what screw it, lets use an ultra ball" 10 seconds later i caught him.
My mom did't like that i spent 80 hours playing my DS but i had to remind her that when she gave me my first gameboy and pokemon fire red game, i spent over 200 hours playing it.......i didn't have many friends back then but i didn't give shit 'cause i had a gameboy. ^^ and i still don't give shit i have awesome friends!!!!!!!!!!