Yay summer officially started today! for me anyway, yeah yesterday was my last day of school and the beginning of three months of doing nothing!! But in about 2 weeks i'm going to florida for about 10 days or so, and in a month i'm going to see Godsmack and Shinedown in concert so excited!

Woo Hoooo!!!

Only three days left of school for me!!!
It's sooooo awesome just watching movies in my classes instead of doing work. In math class were watching toy story 2 and last was week toy story 1. I had a spanish exam today which was the last test for this school year, so excited for summer!!!


Me and mangalover567 were walking home for school with some friends and we found a turtle!! the other people we were walking with started to kick it out of the road but mangalover567 yelled at them to pick it up but they were chicken and said it had claws, so i picked it up and it went into it's shell. The turtle was cute, but my friend had to take it because my mom would haved freaked if she came home and saw a turtle crawling on the floor and mangalovers parents would have probably freaked too but 10x worse.

I'm on a boat!!!

Me my mom and dad are going to take out our boat today and probably go swimming somewhere......i'm gonna be all alone!!! and with my parents!
Ok enough with that, something awesome (really really really awesome!!) happened last friday i found out the person i like at school likes me back......(yay)
Oh and last night i found out i kick ass at street fighters for my 3DS, me and my friend were just messing around and he found my 3DS and was like "i bet i can beat you at street fighters!" and all i said was "well thats a load of bull crap." and we played for an hour and i kicked his ass, the sad thing was hes only 10 so it wasn't a fair fight. >v<

ASDF movie 5

This is the video i was talking about >v<