Thank you all for your support already! ;U; I appreciate it so very much! I wish I could keep thanking for individual faves, but I'm lazy. XD New pages of TWISTED should be up by next weekend. :3 Thank you for being patient, and thank you for reading! ♥



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My little cricket buddy, Tobias. >:D

As you may or may not know, my name is Aki and I just switched over from my old account, "Aki Yamashima". I haven't been active on theO for a couple of years, but I've been trying to start my manga T W I S T E D up again, and I remembered that theO is full of nice people and their manga posting/viewing program is easier to use than anything on deviantART. I'm glad to be back. Please treat me kindly! ♥

Currently, I have a few pages of T W I S T E D completed/ready to post and several in progress. I have a pretty serious problem though: no cover. :c For some reason I can't think of anything good for a cover. So what do you guys think? What makes a cover pop to you in a positive way? What would make you want to pick a book up and start reading it? Popping colors? Softer colors? Monochrome? Bold art on white background? Single character? Multiple characters? You tell me and I'll deliver. :3

Also, thank you to everyone who has already been so kind to me! I really miss the friendly social aspect of theOtaku. :3 Hopefully you'll see some manga from me soon! I'll try my best to make it enjoyable!

Until next time,

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