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"It's the wee puppet man!" -Spike from season five of Angel

New Avi~!!

I made several today and here's one of my favs I made! <3

It's the one in the middle of the rectangle. It's Kazemon (Fairymon) from the episode where they first are thrown to the moon. The pics are from and the avi was made by moi!!


Alright!! I'm nuts right now, so anyone can ask for a avatar! I made like two today, so rules? Yep!

  • Does it say anything? If so, what?
  • Featured character or two? Who are they and what anime are they from?
  • It can't be moving. (I don't have a Dievent account or photobucket account.)
  • Funny or no?
  • Do you want certain pics for it? If so, send me a link to the pic.
  • If you are going to use the avatar, please credit me. (I'm too lazy to watermark them. ;D).

At least answer the funny and what character(s)/anime it is to at least give me an idea on what you would like, sil vous plet et merci. (I suck at French spelling! DX) Just to warn you, I don't have photoshop or anything super special (I use Picture-It. I luvs it!)

A Collection of Chocolove's Jokes

Dear God, I love this guy! XD His jokes aren't funny, it's everyone's reactions are what make him a comedy genius!

Anti-Twilight Stuff XD *read full post before you flame!*

Okay, before fangirls and fanboys start flaming me, I have read the entire Twilight series. I loved it. Know I go, WTH? I'm never reading it again. No guilty pleasure readings! *gets rid of her copy of Twilight*

I swear, I'm not going to read it again. Anyone reading decent vampire books? With Vampires don't sparkle?

Honestly, vampires don't sparkle! They melt, turn to ash, or get sunburn, or go blind (that's what happens to my vampires)!!!

And for the obbsessers.

And just for kicks, Attack of the Mary Sue!! skit!

Twihards! Get over it that people don't like Twilight. I'm nuteral. I've also noticed: most Twihards that are obsessed are also obsessed with the Jonas Brothers. I'm not kidding, I know someone who is. XP

New Avi

Here's my new avatar. It's from XD I'm in a Digimon hype as you man not notice.

LOL Neemon.