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"It's the wee puppet man!" -Spike from season five of Angel

Cat Dream

Okay, this is probably one of my favorite dreams I've EVER had because it's a WTF moment all over! XD

Okay, it starts out with these two people walking through some sort of waste land, coming across a fenced area. The two run into a lady who says something about food and the young girl of the two says maybe there was a way to get in on the roof so the lady goes up to investigate.

For some odd reason, me and my dad go visit my sick aunt. In the room I find a grey tabby walking along the table full of food as I grab bread and jelly. My dog and kitten, Scrappy and Zoe, were in there too (I guess we took them along). My second aunt says something about: "Meet your father" and I turn around to see a second fat grey tabby and my aunt explains after taking a picture of him with her new camera, he turned into a cat. <---- That's the funny part that made me the dream take a WTF turn. XD

I turned my dad into a cat in my dream? How crazy is that?! XDDDD


I was looking up a Old English translator and found this thing. XD

How many of you people chat in chatrooms and come across a chatter that you couldn't even understand filled with horrible spelling and too many LOLs and OMGs. Well, this is something for you! XD

The English-to-12-Year-Old-AOLer Translator

Like I said, I randomly found it and was getting a kick out of translating Engilsh to the 12-year-old-AOLer language. XD The title is translated just from "Check this out!" XD

A Dream Something Your Crazed Imagination Makes

Okay, weird weird dream I had this morning. Just weird.

Somehow the Scoobies (from BtVS) ended up in the Land of Oz. It wasn't a really nice part of it either since it looked all desertedy and destroyed. Definately wouldn't be Emerald City. ._. Anyway, it randomly cuts to where Dawn, Xander, and Willow are talking in the loby of a public building and they're talking about they Key (which doesn't seem to be Dawn) and they're talking about how they were going to send it through the Stargate to Oz. Then Xander asks if it's alright to be talking about it in public and Willow answers that its alright. Suddenly several red dots appear on him and just before someone fires, Dawn advises him to duck. Random firing, so they rush towards Anya who's drinking from a water fountain and Xander grabs her by the ear and tells her to put up a sheild or he'd bit her ear off. She doesn't do it so he bits her ear enough so she'd comply and she does. He lets her go and the four run.

For some odd reason, in the dream Anya was spiteful of the gang. She kept saying positive and negative qualities of the group (such as creativity being a positive and several other things being negative).

I see the reason why I dreamed on two of these topics. I was reading "Son of a Witch" before watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer before bed but it's completely beyond me why Stargate was even mentioned.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving!! Hope you have a great day!!

Naruto Randomness #7

Weird Dream once again

Weird dream:

We were in my elementary school and for some odd reason my old gym teacher wanted the Death Note and I was part of the Kira group (from Death Note. I've only read a few chapters of it before). Well, we were doing the talent show (I think I was dressed like Dorthy or Little Red Riding Hood for some odd reason) when we were suddenly confronted by my elementary school gym teacher and vampires just as the curtain for our act went up. They managed to hold us but I managed to break away from one and found a wood and dusted the vampires just before they started biting them. Ultimately, I think we won and went down to watch the next act and we were talking about my finances when I noticed Dawn and Gary (from Pokemon) walking outside holding hands. Then everybody started singing "Forsaken" by Skillet before I got up. Jez, in my dream there was Calivershipping! :D *shot*

On another note, I'm so flipping bored! I need to draw more! Thing is I drew five things during my free time today. O_o Two of them were done because of two songs stuck in my head. I'll put them up sometime once they're colored.

Wow, this is such a completely pointless post.