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"It's the wee puppet man!" -Spike from season five of Angel

*Panic panic panic*

*panics* A friend that's staying at my house at the moment heard something thumping in the dryer and it turned out our kitten, Zoe, was in the dryer while it was running. DX

Thankfully, it had been only running for a few minutes so she's still alive. I poked at her and stuff but she didn't seem to have any broken bones or fractures or stuff like that. Thank God! I gave her some treats to help her calm down a little but I still feel so bad! We could of had a dead kitten on our hands.

She's been affectionite towards lovings these past few minutes (which isn't like her). I think she's tramatized. I don't blame her.

EDIT: She's good now. *sighs in relief*

Spike Meets Door

From Angel. (Not sure what episode.)

What is your reaction to the latest Naruto Chapter?

How many have read the latest Naruto chapter? The part with Sakura's "confession". What was your reaction? Was it a WTF moment for anyone?

I'm just wondering, cause Sakura doesn't seem to mean it, if you ask me. Just, what are your thoughts about this?

deviantART account

Well, everyone, I got an deviantART account now. *is proud of self* It's Unneeded-Luck (with hyphen). If anyone has one on there, feel free to PM me there. I'll put it up in my "other places" in the introduction.

I'll be on here everyday. Don't worry. I'm still getting use to the deviantART account. Well, yeah!


ZOMG! A mouse! Zoe had found a mouse! She was running with it and dad was chasing her with a bag on his hand. It was soo funny! XD

Anyway, the mouse is now dead. RIP little mouse!!

*sorry about the randomness of this post.*