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"It's the wee puppet man!" -Spike from season five of Angel


Ghost Hunt. It's frickin' awsome! I just watched teh anime for the pass week and know I've finished it. T_T Damn it.

In the begining it was intresting then it turned down right creepy/suspenseful and now it's over. Gah! Why hasn't Mai admitted her feelings yet? GAH! I need a ghost show now. First I finished Ghost Adventure that's hasn't aired their first episode of their next season yet and now it's Ghost Hunt. T_T I think I'm going to watch TAPS next.

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Yu-gi-oh! meets Ouran

I just love this vid! XD Especially for 1:02: to the end! XD That's Bation from GX!

Blah. ~_~

I'm gonna be out for the weekend, so don't expect me to be on at all during the weekend. I hopefully will have some new pics to upload though.

Nope, I'm gunna be here all weekend. My dad's too "sick" to go down there. >.< Ah, well.

*stares in utter disbelief*

Oh. MY. GOSH! Otaku Senior!

Yeah! Um . . . this is total spam right here. >> Congrates to everyone promoted up a rank! :D

Scanner! :D

Finally got a uncovered scanner! *cries tears of joy* My dad will now let me use it as long as the stuff ontop of it goes right back. I went on a mass uploading frenzy and uploaded a whole bunch of crap stuff. All of it for my PMD story. Yay!

The only thing that sucks is that I have to resize it and it's a pain in the royal butt to color it on the computer. BUt I finally have a scanner! Whoo Hoo! :D