So Hi.

This is where you'll find most of my rambling thoughts and who knows what else. So exciting. Just make sure you watch your step and don't trip over the sarcasm that has a bad habit of leaving my head.

Much love and EAT MOR COWS!

Still Alive & Kickin'

Life is completely unpredictable sometimes. So incredibly much has happened in the last two months I'm surprised I haven't turned into a full-time alcoholic, although I've had a couple of fun nights with managers. After 10 months of another mechanic having my car, it still isn't fixed and now I'm in the process of suing him for it, which I may or may not benefit from. The antique shop that I was working at and had a fairly large booth in has shut down but is reopening after a month of vacancy under a new owner and I'm happy to say I'll be working there yet again and will have an even larger booth (will post pictures for those interested when the move is done).

I'm still working at Publix and moving up in the ranks! Absolutely in love with the new Customer Service manager considering the last one scared the absolute shit out of me. Wayward, you know who I'm talking about, the Colombian Witch from hell, if you ever just so happen to stop by and read this. BTW, Happy belated birthday! I hope all is well with you and I'm sorry I didn't say something sooner. It's not out of spite by any means, I've just been extremely busy which is still no excuse.

In other news, I haven't been on here that much since I made my last post so I feel the need to update it. I am now happily engaged and will be getting married before the end of the year to my soul mate. The ring is absolutely gorgeous (pictured below), and I'm looking forward to starting this journey with him.

I apologize if this offends anybody. Just got word yesterday that the federal court has shot down the ban on gay marriage and now we're just waiting for the announcement of it becoming legalized in Florida! The ring is beautiful and I wasn't expecting the proposal at all.

Things are finally coming together for me and I will hopefully be completing my business degree soon with help from Publix! It's a great company to work for so if ya need a job and you have a Publix near you, definitely apply!

So I hope those of you that were always apart of my otaku family are doing okay. It seems like this website is becoming or has already become a shell of what it used to be which is sad. Hopefully it won't completely die out and a new generation of otakus will get involved. This website brought people into my life that helped me to grow as an individual and I have made some great friendships here. I wish others will have that same opportunity. Either way, hit me up because I do sneak on here every so often to check on things.



It would seem that April is going to be the most exciting month so far this year. I get to finally meet my partner Sean's, mother and grandmother. Both are very supportive of us and surprisingly enough, his grandmother booked the two of us a hotel right on the beach for 2 nights! Then we will all be going to our church for the Easter Sunday service. Needless to say, I'm nervous as hell to meet them but I know that we are extremely fortunate to have them as part of our support group. Couldn't be happier :)

Better Days

So it's been a while since I've been on here...Life is good, I have the most amazing partner that anyone could ever ask for, may even be engaged before the half year mark of 2014! Woohoo! I was told that I would be super surprised and wouldn't be expecting it...should be fun. Couldn't imagine living life without him ♡ :). College is still going okay and so is Publix, which is paying for my college, hooray free ride! I think this year is going to be a good year, a year of change and growth, and I hope everyone is doing okay. Good luck to all :-)


So its been a while since I've posted... The first thing I have to share is that I think I'm going to finish my business degree and minor in elementary education. I figure this way that if anything happens with Publix, the flea market, or the antique shop I'm working at, that if I can't find a job that involves a business, that I could have education as a backup plan. I can't express how badly I want to be out of college...

In other news, the holidays were pretty boring and mundane, although it was nice being around happy people even if I wasn't super ecstatic myself. I'm posting this article with my new android tablet, mainly in part that I got it due to my laptop dying of old age (Dell I hate you). Its pretty awesome though. Since I've been using it, I've become addicted to Pinterest and have started an all natural body scrub line. The women here seem to love it so hopefully that business will continue to grow..

As far as the new year`s concerned, the first day of the new year was horrible and if each consecutive day for the next 364 days is this bad, then I am going to go live in a cave in the mountains of Chile as a hermit for the rest of my life.

Happy New Years everyone!

Shantay You Stay!

Eternal Love 4 Ru Paul's Drag Race <3

That is all.