So Hi.

This is where you'll find most of my rambling thoughts and who knows what else. So exciting. Just make sure you watch your step and don't trip over the sarcasm that has a bad habit of leaving my head.

Much love and EAT MOR COWS!


It would seem that April is going to be the most exciting month so far this year. I get to finally meet my partner Sean's, mother and grandmother. Both are very supportive of us and surprisingly enough, his grandmother booked the two of us a hotel right on the beach for 2 nights! Then we will all be going to our church for the Easter Sunday service. Needless to say, I'm nervous as hell to meet them but I know that we are extremely fortunate to have them as part of our support group. Couldn't be happier :)

Better Days

So it's been a while since I've been on here...Life is good, I have the most amazing partner that anyone could ever ask for, may even be engaged before the half year mark of 2014! Woohoo! I was told that I would be super surprised and wouldn't be expecting it...should be fun. Couldn't imagine living life without him ♡ :). College is still going okay and so is Publix, which is paying for my college, hooray free ride! I think this year is going to be a good year, a year of change and growth, and I hope everyone is doing okay. Good luck to all :-)


So its been a while since I've posted... The first thing I have to share is that I think I'm going to finish my business degree and minor in elementary education. I figure this way that if anything happens with Publix, the flea market, or the antique shop I'm working at, that if I can't find a job that involves a business, that I could have education as a backup plan. I can't express how badly I want to be out of college...

In other news, the holidays were pretty boring and mundane, although it was nice being around happy people even if I wasn't super ecstatic myself. I'm posting this article with my new android tablet, mainly in part that I got it due to my laptop dying of old age (Dell I hate you). Its pretty awesome though. Since I've been using it, I've become addicted to Pinterest and have started an all natural body scrub line. The women here seem to love it so hopefully that business will continue to grow..

As far as the new year`s concerned, the first day of the new year was horrible and if each consecutive day for the next 364 days is this bad, then I am going to go live in a cave in the mountains of Chile as a hermit for the rest of my life.

Happy New Years everyone!

Shantay You Stay!

Eternal Love 4 Ru Paul's Drag Race <3

That is all.

On This day in 1991 Rte 35 Theater in Hazlit, the last drive-in in NJ, closes

On Tuesday and Thursday, I have a class from 9:25am-10:40am. My next class starts at 4:30pm and ends at 7:15, therefor I have a ton of time to kill in between classes. For about 15 minutes in between classes, I saw an old friend while she was heading to her next class. Since I've last talked to her, she is engaged and she and her fiance will be moving to England after the wedding because that is where her husband will be stationed, so now she's trying to figure out which college she can attend while being over there.

After being blown away by that, I'm standing on the second story of a building trying to think of things to do when I get a text from another friend, Abe, who wants to study for the quiz that we have in class tomorrow. So I go over to the library and we study for a little bit and then head over to The Boathouse, which is an on-campus bar. While we're there, one of his friends comes over and sits down. Her name is Kait and she's quite amazing. After we all ate, we went and played a few games of pool in the game room. That was fun but with my attention span, I was constantly being reminded that it was my turn to shoot, so eh, the games were a bit long.

Afterwards, we all went over to the fine arts center because Abe needed to practice a little bit before his next class. We found a practice room that had two pianos, one that looked fairly new and the other was from 1839 and absolutely gorgeous. The finish on the wood was flaking and it was a little beat up. It was one of those pianos that were donated for a good cause, but regardless, it had character and made a gorgeous sound when played.

So we go to the room and all, and needless to say, Abe doesn't get to practice any because Kait is playing the old piano the whole time. She is AMAZING. The one thing that she played over and over for me was Lithium by Evanescence. It just absolutely blew me away. I asked her where she learned to play because I've always wanted to learn. She looked at me and replied, "I watched a few videos on YouTube."

So now I have a mission...

I'm going to learn to play the piano.