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The army is using a new kind of weapon, and they aren't machines. Also known as Digits, these humans each posses a certain power, and are ranked by their power's strength. What happens when these sheltered military weapons are released into the world? Did anyone expect half of them to go corrupt and attempt to take over the whole human race? And can the other Digits stop them before it's too late? Who has the highest life: the Digits, or the humans?


2 ❤~Ayre~❤

4 ♦ ♦ Eternity ♦ ♦

6 ♠ Juliet ♠

7 ‡ Fox ‡

9☀ Fhyre ☀


1 ♣ Jett ♣

3 ✪ Greyson ✪

5 ☪ Saracen ☪

8 ╰☆╮ Racquel ╰☆╮

10 ◎ Rhys ◎

Ability Upgrades

Jett - 100 Points

Ayre - 80 Points

Greyson - 60 Points

Eternity - 80 Points

Saracen - 40 Points

Juliet - 40 Points

Fox - 40 Points

Racquel - 60 Points

Fhyre - 40 Points

Rhys - 20 Points

Regretful Wishes

♠ Juliet ♠ "Are you going to just stand there then, or are you actually going to provide a bit of a challenge for me?" Greyson's bored voice grated on my nerves, resounding clearly throughout the little clearing...

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Simple Pleasures

✪ Greyson ✪ You would have laughed if you had been there. The scene was set out before me just like it is in all the romantic drama movies; Ayre, biting her tongue in order to keep from crying, and Jett, his jaw set. I r...

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❤~Ayre~❤ I slid my fingers along the velvety fabric of the tent, intertwining them with Greyson's. "Stay with me?" I pleaded, widening my eyes just so in a further attempt to persuade him to remain where he was. ...

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⪠Theoretical Experiments âª

☪ Saracen ☪ I was startled out of my dreaming by something wet dripping onto the corner of my mouth. "Yuuuuuck," I groaned, swiping my wrist across my face a couple times to rid it of the drool pooling on it. Rub...

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Highest Life Character Analysis on Crack.

If HL ever becomes a movie, here's what I have to say about the characters. Kthxbai. - - - So, first in our lovely family of Digits is Jett. Jett is basically the guy who can get girls to sleep with him by just sta...

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