Highest Life Character Analysis on Crack.

If HL ever becomes a movie, here's what I have to say about the characters. Kthxbai.

- - -

So, first in our lovely family of Digits is Jett. Jett is basically the guy who can get girls to sleep with him by just standing there. He doesn't have to do anything to get people to fall to the ground and worship it as he walks on it, because he's a badass like that. He OWNS the disheveled-tortured soul-musician thing like nobody's business. And this is why he's the number one Digit. He will look at you and you will want to have his babies. Period.

Then, we have Ayre. Ayre is virtually the epitome of that cheerleader-prep everyone hates, but no one can actually hate her because she's freakishly nice. And contrary to popular belief, she's got a hell of a temper and a fierce right hook. Guys will basically get to know her just so they can get in her pants, but there's much more to her than her looks. But you know, it surely doesn't hurt to have 'em.

Third, we have our split-personality Greyson here. Greyson can only be described as a sexy beast. He's nonchalant, he's arrogant, he's the mastermind of all masterminds, he can read your mind, control your body, and erase your memories. Is that a turn on or is that a turn on? No? YOU LIE. Anyways, Greyson wouldn't even glance your way if he passed you by on the street, that's how beneath him you are. And that just makes you want him even more. It's unfair, really. Well, life is unfair.

Next up is Eternity! The ditzy character that we all know and love, Eternity is virtually that puppy you wish you could kick for being so damn annoying, but when it fixes you with its adorable puppy-dog eyes, you want to kick yourself in the face for even thinking of it. With a wrecking ball. While she's not the sharpest knife in the box, her clueless innocence can be endearing, if it's not driving you up the wall simultaneously. When in doubt, just hand her a coloring book. The foolproof distraction for all ditzes!

Not too far off from the ditzy character is the nice, pushover type, Saracen. Tempted by stuffed animals and pastries, she's so sweet she'd give you cavities. Except for the fact that she secretly wants to take over the world. But that's beside the point. Saracen is a great friend, and is, for all the world, a stereotypical Hufflepuff. I wonder if she's a good finder.

Sixth in this list is Juliet. Do not be fooled by the seemingly nerd-like exterior, or the petite frame. Juliet would not hesitate to punch you in the face if you even looked at her wrong. Or breathed wrong. Whichever comes first. She's so damn smart she doesn't even need to look at you to know that you're an idiot. She just knows. I wouldn't suggest crossing paths were her in a dark alley. Or a bright alley. Or at all, really.

At lucky number seven, welcome Mr. Fox to the stage! He's cocky, he's handsome, he's flirtatious, and... he wants to get into your pants. How could you not love him? Anything that walks and has boobs will be an object of immediate attraction, and he also enjoys moonlit walks and romantic picnics on the beach. Any takers?

Now taking the stage is our eighth Digit, the narcissist Racquel! Believe it or not, her hand is actually not a compact mirror, though it certainly may seem like it. When her gaze isn't on her own reflection, you can find Racquel eying up Jett like the boy is Honeyduke's finest chocolate (which, we all know, is quite true). Despite the obvious love she holds for herself, she is capable of having feelings for others. Perhaps Racquel isn't as shallow as we first thought? Stay tuned for next week's episode to find out!

Ninth and tenth (cause neither are important enough to have their own sections) are Fhyre and Rhys! Fhyre is like that one annoying guy who is friends with virtually everyone, and who gets on virtually everyone's nerves. He loves to play practical jokes, and is just into having a good time. Is it possible that he actually harbors feelings for another Digit? Unlikely. But one can never be sure! On the flip side, we have Rhys, who is the Nerd of all Nerds personified. Braces, glasses, freckles, red hair. What more could you ask for in a ginger? Oh, I know! A soul!

WELL, folks, that wraps up my character analysis for this fine family of Digits. I thank you all for reading, and I do hope you'll stick with us for the next installment of Highest Life! Will Ayre recover her memory? Will Jett man up and do the right thing for once? Will Greyson continue being a sexy beast? HAHA of course he will! Silly me. See ya'll next time!