Well this world is here for me to talk about myself and vent about things. So if you dont want to read it you dont have to ^^ I just like to be selfish once in a while.

Name: Justine (Eiri if you like)

Age: 20

Hair: Brown

Eyes: blue, green, yellow, brown

Fav. animal: Wolf

Likes: Yaoi, Reading, Dragons, Vampires, Werewolves, Nighttime, swimming, 80's rock, country, The Beatles, Vocaloid (especially Len & Kaito<3), Eminem, rain, photography, animals, cold, snow, fire (pyromaniac), blood (its pretty), psychology, hunting, drawing, singing

Hates: the sun, screaming girls (hurt my ears), a lot of guys (unless gay or i approve them) cause they tick me off most of the time, heat, math, Valentines day >_<

Fav. Manga: Gravitation, Gravitation Ex., Loveless, Chobits, Fruits Baskets, Vampire Knight,Naruto, Ultimo
Tsubasa: Those With Wings, Wolf's Rain, Nana, Black Bird, Black Butler, Flower of Life, King Of Thorn, Nightmare After School, Mushishi, GTO, Kare Kano, Kodocha, Absolute Boyfriend, Nausicca of the Valley of the Wind, Kire Papa, JunJou Romantica, Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi, Black Rose Alice, The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese, Seven Days etc.

Anime: Gravitation, Wolfs Rain, Code Geass, Oran Host Club, Bleach, Loveless, Vampire Knight, Naruto, Sukishyo, Kirepapa, JunJou Romantica (1&2), BBB, Mushi Shi, Inuyasha, Tsubasa, FLCL, Kare Kano, Black Butler, Wolf and Spice, Romeo X Juliet, Nana, Trigun, Tsubasa Chronicles, GTO etc.

Other Places You Can Find Me:

Youtube: EiriYukisLover

Facebook: PM me for this ;)

Second Account:


I love this song!! everytime i hear it i hav to sing along. Plus it makes me feel good. Well music period makes me feel good. When i listen to a good song it blocks everything else out and i can hav a little peace from my crazy f*cked up life.

New Rp

My friend and I are starting up an Rp if anyone would like to join?


wedding ideas

Colors Dress ...

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Wassup :D

So...just cause I haven't said anything on here yet. I am getting married! :D So between planning that, work, and trying to find an apartment for me and my fiancè I haven't been on so much. ...

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Anyone Up For An Rp?

Ok so....I don't have any ideas yet....but would love to hear what yinz want to do. I'm totally bored and want to Rp! I could redo Game Over...maybe...I just love how detailed of an Rp it is...just wish I could get it started and keep it g...

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Need Creative Outlet

Been dying to RP....I just want to write but honestly I suck at writing alone. So anyone got a good RP going I can jump into? I need something relaxing to do on my downtime